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After seeing a youtube video of Dr. Kulkins...

After seeing a youtube video of Dr. Kulkins patient (Morgan) i decided ill finally get smart lipo on my abdomen. So far ive met with Dr. Kulkin and had my pre op. Im a nervous wreck as the procedure is next week. After reading several reviews and watching numerous videos - i now believe i should have gone with a board certified surgeon for this procedure. Its too late now, money is paid. Im concerned because i dont see a lot of smart lipo reviews for Dr. Kulkin, nor do i see a lot of before and after pictures.
Dr. Jay Kulkin

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How did your procedure turn out? I had a consultation as well and am interested but not finding a lot of information about him out there.
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Im disappointed with my results(EXTREMELY). Perhaps i'm one of those who had unrealistic expectations, or maybe i didn't clarify what my concern area was. Needless to say i'm unhappy with it and i still bulge in the same areas that were disturbing to me. My pants still fit the same (bulge over). Ill continue to work out and hope for the best and have another consultation elsewhere if i cant have it redone with Dr. Kulkin. Other than that the staff and doctor were friendly and welcoming hence the reason i struggled with a follow up review. Wish you well with yours.
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Oh no! When did you have the procedure? I certainly hope they will redo it. He seems friendly and accommodating. I pray that by 5-6 months I will like the final results.
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I'm sorry you're feeling nervous about this.  I understand why you are nervous at this point.  But if you feel that you would prefer not to throw the money away, then perhaps it would be more helpful to simply read good experiences here on RealSelf for the last week and go in with a positive attitude.  We have a few reviews of Dr. Kulkin on RS, but you're right, few pictures.  You could try contacting some of the reviewers and asking them for pictures (I did that prior to doing my Mommy Makeover with a different doctor who didn't have many reviews and pics here on RS).  Here are some reviews to check out if you haven't already:

(This one has pics)

If you have checked them out, try talking to them, asking questions, and asking for pics.  Some are so old they're unlikely to even get your message (like the one from 2009) but others may respond.  It's worth a try!  The fact that there's a preference for board-certified surgeons doesn't mean that everyone who uses one not certified will be dissatisfied, and vice versa.  Here are some statistics: 


Good luck!  Please do keep us posted.
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