Frog Eyes. Fat Injections Ruined My Eyes - Atlanta, GA

I had fat injections under the eyes three years...

I had fat injections under the eyes three years ago along with a mini face lift the face life was good but the fat injections ruin my eyes does anyone know of any good doctors that can fix lumps under eyes. I am afraid of steroids that can make your eyes even worst. please if any one gotten any help with a problem like mine.

The only advice I was given was I could get steroid shots. I was to afraid to try that because of the side effects .

Hey Kizzie,

Thanks for sharing your experience with us, I'm sorry you've had some post-op problems. Did your doctor give you any advice on how to deal with the lumps?

We have a feature where you can ask a question, which is then answered by board certified doctors. You may be able to get some answers there.

Please do keep us updated on your progress!

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