Disfigured by Dr. Kenneth Neufeld - Atlanta, GA

My upper blepharoplasty resulted in my eyes...

My upper blepharoplasty resulted in my eyes looking the same or worse after surgery. In addition, I had requested Juvaderm in my cheeks like I had been getting for years. Dr. Neufeld substituted Belotero against my wishes and injected too close to the orbital rim resulting in a permanent black eye.
Dr. Kenneth Neufeld

I had consulted two other PS who said my upper eyes were not severe enough for insurance to cover the cost of an upper blepharoplasty. They recommended Botox. Dr. Neufeld, an occuplastic surgeon, said he could get insurance to pay for the surgery. I have been told the test he submitted to insurance was "extremely unorthodox". (His assistant Ronda told me when to press a button when I was supposed to see a light in my peripheral vision instead of when I actually saw it causing me to fail the test. When I took the test without her "guidance" I passed the vision test. The failed test was sent to insurance. She told me that this was perfectly legitimate). One plastic surgeon I have consulted and who took pictures of my eyes before surgery says there is no evidence that an upper blepharoplasty was done. Other plastic surgeons have told me that he injected Belotero too close to the orbital rim which resulted in the malar edema (black puffy bag under eye). After 3 months all the facial filler disappeared. But after 5 months the black puffy bag is still there. Dr. Neufeld does not know how to fix this. He has had to consult other plastic surgeons but still is not sure of how to correct it. His office has been avoiding my calls. I have been told that at this point the malar edema will have to be surgically removed.

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Thank you for posting your experience, I'm sorry you are going through this.  I hope you find support in the community.
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WOW! Thanks for posting, especially since I live in Atlanta! This is unbelievable! Initially, I had actually considered the Thomas Eye Group -- but (based on your experience) luckily for me, their phone system was really weird to get through to schedule a consult. So, I steered away thinking if I had such difficulty getting a consult, what if something goes wrong after surgery?! Anyway, sorry to hear about your experience. Why would another PS say it didn't look as if an upper bleph had been done? Did you not have any stitches after skin and/or fat was removed? I had belotero injected under my ey epad last summer - it wasn't worth it - lumpy, uneven result. At one year post, has the belotero in your left eye not yet completely dissolved?
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You were absolutely correct about their phone/scheduling system - it is a nightmare getting an appointment. Wish I had your intuition. I did have stitches but it appears that no fat or skin was removed. There is no scar whatsoever. The prominent Atlanta plastic surgeon who examined me could find no evidence that I had an upper blepharoplasty and he had seen me weeks before the surgery and right after. The Belotero disappeared after 3 mos. The malar edema (discolored swelling) is still there.
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That is absolutely CRAZY about the lack of removal of fat or skin on your upper bleph!! I mean, SCARY CRAZY re: the kinds of unethical things happening in this field!!! From your story and others, It's becoming very clear to me that, especially w/ elective surgery, when docs screw up, they're very quick to dismiss you and let you figure out how to deal with the negative consequences on your own. Well, do keep us posted when you have the surgery to remove the malar edema, and how that goes (e.g., if the surgery got rid of the discoloration as well as the swelling)
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