I Dont Rather to Get Liposuction or a Tummy Tuck? Help? - Atlanta, GA

I expect to look somewhat skinng. My tummy sags a...

I expect to look somewhat skinng. My tummy sags a little. And liposuction would help alot. Not sure if I could do both. I hope it all works out. Also would mons pubis reduced. What procedures would help me. According to my pictures . What would you suggest? Well im think of going to emory plastic surgery for a tummy tuck or American Lipo Center for liposuction.
Congrats and good luck
Personallyfrom looking at the photos I would say go for the tummy tuck. I know ot cost anlot more and the recovery time is longer but I think that is going to be the inly thing that will make sure you dont have a sagging bely
You have far too much excess skin to have good results with just lipo. Getting rid of the extra fat under the skin with just lipo will make it sag much worse. In order for you to have results that you will feel good about, you will need a full tummy tuck, and likely with muscle repair. Best wishes!
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