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Ok so i'm 5'5 at 150 pounds i have big boobs and...

ok so i'm 5'5 at 150 pounds i have big boobs and thick legs wich i love i have some belly fat and the thing i hate is my butt i wish it was bigger! i live in austin tx i cant find a good surgeon here i had a bad experience with my dr who did my breast implants!

i saw some work dr JImerson done and basiclly i was like omg no way! the girls look amazing!

i want liposuction on my belly sides and love handles and to transfer it to my butt or should i do butt implants?

but im scared he is in atlanta and i have no one to go with me! so im scared! if any of yall have been with him can you tell me your experience please!
what hotel did you stay in and was it worth it! and if you stay in a hotel who helps you around and who takes you to the hotel?


This sounds a little like my story i have implants im not gonna use that dr again im considering dr jimmerson also
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Is the first picture of you?
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Hello im almost 2 weeks post op and I got a tummy tuck lipo of my abdomen lower navk flanks and love handles. I must say I couldnt ask for a better doctor he is amazing. The psin the first day was hell and eith each day . Got better. By the second day I was determined and abke to get up and walk the halls of the hotel. They give you the option of having someone you know care for you or they give you a list of nurses to hire. I had my fiance and a close girlfriend with me who did a great job caring for me. After you recover from surgery the nurses there show the person you have caring for you step by step what they need to know. As far as where to stay I stayed at hilton garden inn which is right down the street from the office. Any hotel in the area is great because you run into other women who have had surgery or about to go through the same. The employees at the hotel know whats what as well. My experience was great I love my PS and he knows it lol
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