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My name is Sarah, I am a patient coordinator and...

My name is Sarah, I am a patient coordinator and the marketing manager for Dr. Jimerson in Atlanta at Advanced Plastic Surgery Solutions. I am getting my surgery done March 12th and I CAN'T WAIT!! Join me through my journey not only as a patient but employee for the man himself, 'THE' Dr. J Curves :) I will be having a butt augmentation w/ fat grafting (Brazilian Butt Lift) and a breast augmentation w/ silicone implants.

Wish Pic!

If you are planning on having a butt augmentation, then you are probably constantly checking out butts trying to find the perfect 'wish pic'! We encourage our patient's to send us 'wish pics' so Dr. J can have an idea of the look you would like to achieve. This is one of my 'wish pics' :)

Shelly Had Her Surgery!

If you are having or have had a phone consultation, most likely it has been with Shelly. Shelly is our patient coordinator who talks with patients everyday from all over the world. She has wanted this surgery FOREVER and her day has finally come...

We work together and live next to each other, so I have seen her every day since her surgery. It's only two weeks today and she is back to work, feeling great and looking AMAZING! She is so happy with her results. For the 4 years that I have known Shelly she has been OBSESSED with having a booty, NEVER leaving the house without her butt pads. We had been counting down the days for the year she has been on the schedule! Pictures are just moments before she goes in for surgery, the day after, and a few days after. You can follow her progress on Instagram @lala4527

Message from Dr. Jimerson

Dear Friends & Patients,

It has come to my attention that someone is circulating a malicious rumor about my practice. This rumor is not true and I am hurt that someone has tried to damage my reputation. I always strive to provide the best care for my patients and I will continue to do so. Please help me to diffuse this situation by getting the word out. If you have any questions, please email Sarah at sarah@drjcurves.com.


Dr. Jimerson

I miss my curves!! What I looked like before Zion...

Everyone has their reason for undergoing plastic surgery. Some of us want the curves we never had and some of us want our body back after going through pregnancy and breastfeeding. Some women gain weight that they just can't get rid of in addition to the excess skin and stretch mark. And then others have to deal with losing too much weight, especially if they breastfed. This is what happened to me...after my son had me get up to 220 pounds during my pregnancy because of preclampsia, I lost almost 100 pounds before his first birthday. I was around 165 pounds when I got pregnant and currently fluctuate between 130-140 pounds and have completely lost all my curves :( I went from a DDD cup and size 10 to a B cup and size 2! Needless to say... I CAN'T WAIT to get my curves back! March cant come soon enough!


My current before photos, taken just a few weeks ago. I NEED MY J CURVES!!! All day long I see these beautiful women walking out of our office with their hot new curves and IM JEALOUS. I have a condition commonly known as 'Noassatall'! And my B cup is very sad and in desperate need for a LIFT like most women who breastfeed. I breastfed my son until he was 18 months and it shows! I CANNOT wait until I am the one posting AFTER pics of my new smokin' body by Dr. J :) :) :)

**New Wish Photos!

Everyday patient's send me their 'wish photos'- photos of butts they have seen that they wished they had. Here are few of my favorites that I have stolen and now use as MY 'wish photos'! If you've had a consultation with me and the picture looks familiar... thank you! I can't wait till my butt looks like this!

...'wish photos' continued

Only 5 months to go!

I cannot believe how fast the time is going, even though it does seem like March 12th will never get here, it is only five months away! Dr. Jimerson is telling me that I still need to gain AT LEAST 10 pounds before my surgery... since I know how fast I can gain weight, I wont start really pigging out until closer to my surgery date.

As the weather starts to cool I cant help but think that once summer rolls around again my body is going to look completely different! I am so happy that I am going to be going through my recovery during the winter- garments, drains, dressings, swelling... does not sound like fun to deal with during the hot summer months! Once we are in bikini weather again I will be completely healed and ready to turn some heads :) :) :)


My date can't come here soon enough!

Dr. J Moved Up My Date!!

We are filming for our own reality show, "DrJCurves: Backstage Pass" and Dr. J and our director thought it would be a good idea to have my story documented on the show! Although this is something that I have been SOOOOO excited for, expediting the date has made me VERY nervous!! I thought I had another 5 months to plan for this complete body transformation and now it will be here in THREE WEEKS!! TIME TO PACK ON THE POUNDS...

Getting my medical clearance!

I passed! 20 days before my surgery so I had to get my medical clearance. I went to Dr. Yost in Cummings, GA. Just a basic physical, had some blood drawn, a breast exam since I am having implants and thats it! Not even an hour later he told me I passed and would be at very, very (less than 2%) risk of any problems during surgery. I have also gained about 15 pounds! Some things that I have been nervous about is passing my clearance (I dont eat ANY meat, just fish, so I was worried my iron levels would be low) and gaining weight. Everything is going GREAT and I am feeling less scared and more excited as my date approaches! Also, Dr. J and I have decided to wait until next year for my tummy tuck, which is going to make my recovery much smoother.

TWO WEEKS! OMG... I'm freaking out

A few items that I ordered from Amazon.com should be arriving today. Since I am going to be having my butt & breasts done at the same time, I need a special cushion to lay my chest on so as to not apply pressure to the new tatas since I will have to be laying on my stomach to avoid pressure on my butt. After the first two weeks of NO SITTING, I will have to use my Boppy Pillow for 6+ weeks after to plop my new fabulous behind. And finally... (since y'all know everything else might as well...) I have heard horror stories about the CONSTIPATION the first week following surgery. Sooooo... an enema is in order the day before! I'm trying to make my recovery as SMOOOOOTH as possible!


Shelly, our patient coordinator, sized me for my breast augmentation today! I am getting 350 cc's high profile silicone implants from Mentor. This will take my sagging, sad little shriveled up boobies (I breastfed my beautiful son, Zion for over a year) from a B cup to a full D cup. I am also getting a lift and CANT wait to walk outta the house WITHOUT A BRA!!!!!!!! AAAaahhhhh... feels like I'm dreaming...


I am anxiously awaiting my surgery! I am the last patient today so it is draaaaaging! I cannnot wait to get this over with. Seems so strange that I have been incredibly nervous for the past week and now all I feel is sleepy and HUNGRY! I think it will all be very real once we start the IV... before and after photos coming SOON!

I'm crazy about my body!

So I had my surgery on Monday and I could not be happier with my results. I have been sleeping a lot and trying to take the best care of myself as possible. I just wanted to post some pictures for now and Monday I'll post more! Thank you so much for the sweet comments!

After Photos

More pics!

I'm having a hard time putting the camera down...

Updated Pics of my JCurves

With the new year we are so busy at the office that I have hardly had time to update my review! Here are some of my latest favorite pictures. My healing is going great, I can't see the scars on my butt at all and my implants (breasts) have almost completely dropped and are looking great! If you are interested in seeing more of my after photos please be sure to follow me on my Instagram @sarahatdrjcurves I update there a few times every week.

More pics!

Here are a few of my latest Instagram (@sarahatdrjcurves) post showing off my curves! Can you tell I'm a tad obsessed?? Lol

Booty :)

A pic I forgot to upload yesterday that I love!


So its been awhile since I have been on here because I QUIT (was not fired) from this practice. I was very happy with my results the weeks following my surgery but as time went on, I lost volume in my butt and was left with HORRIBLE scars from my breast augmentation. With clothes on my breasts look GREAT, but the scars I have been left with from a completely botched surgery leaves me in tears. I was promised a revision from Dr. Jimerson but since witnessing the death of a patient and from a very scary surgery of my own (I lost a tremendous amount of blood but since I did not have health insurance, DrJ decided that he would not send me to the hospital which all the nurses told me I most definitely needed) I will never allow this surgeon to operate on me again. I quit shortly after the death of a patient as I could not in good conscience continue to sell this procedure, along with a long list of other grievances, including my results. I was told by his head nurse administrator that I should not have surgery again, that she was very scared for me during my 8+ hour long procedure. The director of Dr.J's reality show was instructed to stop filming during my procedure when I began to bleed internally and the surgery came to a halt. So, not only did I have to gain 30 pounds which I have not been able to lose, my body looks exactly the same as it did when I was this weight before having my son. There is no notable change in my butt and I have yet to receive feeling back around my waist and inside my thighs from the lipo. While my breasts do look good under a top, my nipples are uneven and I have HORRIBLE unsightly scars all around my nipples since Dr. Jimerson used the wrong type of stitching during my lift. (I am STILL, almost a year later, having black stitches come through my skin leaving holes all around my nipples) During two different consultations with other plastic surgeons to correct my botched boob job, both surgeons stated that the lift was done incorrectly and portions of my scarring will never be able to be repaired. So I almost lost my life to fill out a shirt. NOT WORTH IT. Before I receive any criticism for stating a patient died- this is NOT a HIPPA violation. A HIPPA violation would be stating the patients name. With that being said, I will not expand on this patient but simply state that a patient did die under Dr. Jimerson's care while having surgery with Dr. Jimerson. Because I am dealing with a multi-million dollar practice and I know Dr. Jimerson personally, I know he will do everything in his power do try to pick apart my review to have it removed (just like he had my Instagram deleted which I had since before ever even knowing him). I have checked with all the legal ramifications and I am well aware that I am not violating any HIPPA violations by stating a patient has died from this surgery. Thankfully I did not have to pay a cent for this disgusting scarring, but I can only imagine the disappointment and heartbreak I would have to deal with had I been a paying patient. I am still trying to lose the weight that I had to gain to have the fat transfer procedure and I am confident that my shape (minus my chest) will go back to exactly the same that it was before I was instructed to gain the weight. I am still undecided about posting after photos as I am very embarrassed at the way that my breast look and since my incentive for free surgery was to be public about my results, it is impossible to remain anonymous.

LADIES... being a mother to your children is more important than a big butt. Staying healthy is more important than a big butt. I could've died during this surgery because Dr. J wanted to make good television and I looked better a year after having my son than I do now. He moved my entire life to Atlanta to work for him and I have since lost everything (materially speaking) because I refused to continue selling something that almost killed me and my confidence. BUT- I have my life and my son still has a mother and I have respect for myself for no longer being associated with that incredibly unprofessional practice.

After Photos

Although hideous and so embarrassing I decided to post after photos of my botched boob job and loss of volume after my BBL. Thank you to everyone for the encouraging words! DrJ had told me that I had an allergic reaction to the sutures that he used and that a revision would be needed. Not until contacted by my attorney did he state that I had received the horrible scars from not wearing a bar. As anyone who has had a breast augmentation knows, the pain would be unbearable if I didn't wear a bra. Just days after my surgery I have a text message conversation with a nurse asking her if the exposed sticking was normal, showing her a photo. She responded that the stitches were dissolvable and it was nothing to worry about... The stitches never dissolved and this is what I was left with...

Staying Positive

Its been over a month now that I have posted my updated review and after photos. I have made it my 2015 resolution to put 2014 and Atlanta behind me, learn from my experience and focus on my happiness. Whatever it takes, I will have my body fixed and get back to loving every inch of me. Since my surgery was so public on Dr. J's Instagram (and not sure whats going on with his 'reality show'), its pointless to be shy about my identity. For that reason, although I'm sure unlikely, I am going to make an attempt to contact the show 'Botched' for a revision. Not only will this be great since I can have free surgery with an experienced doctor, its also an excellent way to expose Dr. Jimerson for the surgeon/person he is.

I am open to any other suggestions! Thank you so much for everyone's encouraging and KIND words!

Good luck with your journeys!


More stitches coming out over a year later

It's already been just over a year since my surgery. Just last week another stitch came out of my skin. I can usually tell when it's going to happen because I will see a thick black line just under the surface of my skin and eventually the stitch will come out. It's painful and of course, hideous. I remember when I had the surgery, Geeta, the nurse administrator told me that she had done my stitching on my breast lift. This was actually very common for DrJ to have his nurse do this. Maybe if patients are spending thousands of dollars on surgery they should have, I don't know... THE DOCTOR do the stitching??? Well of course that would be easier for him if he didn't have three patients to operate on everyday and wasn't so incredibly greedy.


This morning I finally filed a complaint with the BBB against DrJ and staff. If interested in doing the same the process is very simple. Go to bbb.com and enter the practice phone number 678-205-8400 and city, Suwannee GA for the search criteria and the practice will come up. See photos for details.
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