4 Weeks Post Op. Trying Desperately to Remain Optimistic! - Atlanta, GA

I am a 38 yr old non smoking, no medical history,...

I am a 38 yr old non smoking, no medical history, single woman with no kids. I am 5'2 165lbs. (154 post op). Bra size of 38G. After years of deliberation, I finally proceeded with a BR and TT on 11/19/12. My insurance covered the BR, while I paid $3700 including hospital fees) for the TT. I have encountered a number of post op complications including unmanageable pain and open wounds on both breasts. My right breast is missing its nipple and there is a fairly large wound from my incision to the underfold. My PS is also a board certified wound specialist and is insistent that all will be healed in 6 weeks. Mind you, I was told that I would be back to work in 2 weeks and I just returned to work (from home) on week 4. I had no idea all of the complications involved, despite all of my research. I have been comforted by all of the other women who have been where I am now and are finally healed! I pray that I will too be a success story! Until then, I will keep with my neosporin dressing changes and continue to pray for the best!

Hey! I had openings on my boobs and TT. They were spitting stitches. They opened @ 2.5 weeks and when the stitches worked their way out they closed up @ 6 weeks post op:-) 
are you on an antibiotic hon?
I completed a post op 7 day course of keflex. My PS says there is no sign of infection.
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