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So I am 30 hours away from having surgery! I can...

So I am 30 hours away from having surgery! I can hardly believe that this is still going to happen. I am 27 years old, 5'0", and 135lbs carrying around 34 DDDs. I wasn't always this way. In fact, I didn't even break into wearing 'real' underwire bras until I was 15. No one in my family has big breasts. I went from a 32C graduating high school to a 34F in 6 months. My PS doesn't have an answer on that one for me :-) Either way, I have tried to embrace them, lost weight (none of which came from my chest). I am just sick and tired of them. I am highly active as I am a personal trainer. I look a lot bigger than I actually am and that affects my clientele. How am I supposed to train someone when I can't do mountain climbers without my boobs falling out of the 2 bras I have to wear? Haha! Anyhoo..... I have been trying to wrap my brain around what my new body will look like and have been going through old pictures of myself. I am excite to be able to wear the clothes in my closet and not get frustrated every morning before work!

As far as preparation goes:
-I haven't changed my diet too much as I am the healthiest weight I am going to get with these giant balloons on my chest.
-tomorrow I am picking up my prescriptions and I have been taking the Bromelain and Arnica Montana for a little over a week now.
- I have a ton of sports bras BUT I went to TJMaxx and bought some seamless bras for when I go back to work. They were 7.99 for 2! I about fell over! No more $50+ bras here!
- I super-cleaned my house and figured out the best place in the house for my 'healing' and also so my sweet crazy dog will not jump on me.
- we grilled a ton of chicken, fish and veggies for the week and I have friends who are bringing my favs over during the week lol ( pineapples, watermelon and Popsicles)

Other than that, I am so ready to get this over with and get on with my life. I'm ready to finally have the body I know is under these giant boobies lol. I told my husband that I look like a capital P and I can't wait to be the letter I.

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So Day 1 Post Op almost over! It really has not...

So Day 1 Post Op almost over! It really has not been as bad as I was expecting! I can NOT tolerate the Percocet I was given but am on 1 Percocet, 2 Tylenol, 1 Cephalexin, 1 Bromelain and the 4 Arnica Montana every 4 hours. The pain is more because of the swelling but very manageable. I can't peak until tomorrow when I go for my first post op appt.

Sleeping has been fine. It seems that I can sleep anywhere which I am thankful for.

So all of the juicy details of yesterday:

- got to the outpatient surgical center yesterday morning at 7 and was prepped for surgery. My husband got to watch as my PS marked me up and explained everything it was going to do. He asked if I had any other questions and I just said as long as he could get me down to a B+/C I would be fine. He said yes it was definitely attainable and it was thumbs up from there on.

I met with the nurse anesthetist and the OR nurse and they explained it all to me. They were all wonderful to me. The cocktail of drugs used to relax me made me feel drunk and all I remember was shifting myself onto the operating table and I was out like a light.

Four hours later, I was in recovery and was sick throwing up from the anesthesia. Although I don't like throwing up, it always makes me feel better to get it all out. I was given ginger ale and a cold pack to calm me down. They took the catheter out and I was transferred to a recliner and was awarded more ginger ale and crackers.

My parents and husband came in to see me as I came more around and was able to stay awake more. They had to let the anesthesia wear before they could give me the Percocet and Cephalexin an send me home so I was definitely aware of the pain. It was tolerable but I cried out of frustration of my body not waking up fast enough. ( if you can't tell yet, I'm pretty hard-headed).

Finally at 3 I was allowed to get in the car and go home. I remember carefully sitting down in my chair and then I was out the rest of the evening except to take my meds. My husband was wonderful waking me up. I had some chicken soup and water. I think I asked for some ice cream and ate it ( lol Percocet is crazy). I slept elevated in the bed last night and just plowed through my times that I had to take my meds.

All in all, it was a very smooth experience and now I am focusing on healing! My size is a lot smaller even with the swelling and I couldn't be happier! He took just 300 grams from each but it looks like a lot more, must have not been as dense as i thought. I'll keep you guys updated with what my PS says tomorrow in my post op visit.


Liz- Your story has made me so excited! I should find out in the next 2 days whether my surgery is covered by insurance. Ahhh! I can't wait to see some of your post-op pictures of the healing process.
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I will take some today at the PS office and post them. I'm alittle nervous to see them without the bra on. Im praying that the arnica and bromelain have been doing their job! I'll be praying about your insurance approval! Good luck!
I am impressed that with that cocktails of drugs you can remember how much he took from each side ;) Look forward to seeing pictures. I know how you feel about losing weight and none of it coming from your chest - I have lost 22lb and maybe gone down 1 cup size. It is so disheartening! So I am currently sitting at 123lb and hoping that I can maintain a more physical lifestyle post op and feel happy and comfortable with my current weight, or maybe lose a bit. Either/or!
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Ok so first post op visit done and got a sparkling...

Ok so first post op visit done and got a sparkling report card. My PS was so pleased with my healing and everything that he cleared me to shower now! I couldn't believe it! I am not on percocet at all today, just Tylenol. I'm so happy with this recovery. It's a little scary still with maneuvering around but I am managing. I am about to take a nap now then I will take some pictures.


Sounds awesome girl! You look great! I had mine done k. Tuesday as well, th took 1400 grams from the right and 1200 from he left, eventually taking me from a 38 K to and D-DD. I don't have my first post op until Monday! Keep up the fast healing and the happiness, it's such an amazing procedure!
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You look great . Congrats!
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U look many days post op are you?
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Well 6 days post op. I posted more pictures. I...

Well 6 days post op. I posted more pictures. I have more bruising now but it's still not bad at all. Thank you Bromelain and Arnica Montana! I am getting more comfortable with maneuvering around in the shower. My left nipple is super sensitive today but that's okay. My right boob is more swollen today than the other. I think probably because its my dominant side. I've been resting but have been going stir crazy so I drove myself to the grocery store and picked up some light groceries today. Driving was weird but good. I still feel weird walking around in public. I feel like everyone is looking at my chest and somehow knows I had surgery. I know that is silly. I am a new Liz so I feel like everyone can tell. Ha!

Now if all of the swelling would go down in my ribcage I'd be even better...... I feel like I am going to float away from all of the lemon water I've drank!


You look fantastic! Your PS did a great job of fitting them to your body.
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Looking great! I am 5 days post-op was out and about for a bit today as I had tons of energy! But then the fullness and swelling hits and its time to fill the ice packs and kick up the feet! Went with a friend, so haven't driven yet, but am ready to get back to somewhat of a normal life and will probably drive tomorrow. Keep up the good work!
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You had a lot taken off! Congratulations! How are you holding up?

7 weeks Post Op

So I have been so behind with giving my info on here! For some reason, the page won't let me change my status on whether or not my surgery was worth it! It was DEFINITELY worth it! I guess I will recount from the last post I had on my recovery. :-)

So I ended up going back to work at Day 10. It wasn't bad at all. Everyone was careful not to ask me to reach anything on shelves or do anything too crazy. I had post op appointments at 2 weeks and 4 weeks to check progress and take pictures. At the 4 week mark, I got the rest of the glue taken off and sutures removed. Now at the 7 week mark, I was cleared to exercise and resume normal activities. I am a trainer so I am still taking it easy on high impact cardio even though I am doubling up on sports bras.

As far as the recovery portion, it has been a LOT easier than I thought. I have just been monitoring all incisions everyday. Each day they have looked better and better. From Day 7 to week 4, I was definitely able to see how I was healing and I was more than ready to have the sutures out! Those suckers were itchy after a while since I was healing. I did have a split on the right, bottom T junction at about the 2 week mark (probably because of work) but it was nothing too bad, i didnt even realize it had happened, just the outside layer of skin and now you cant even tell. Its amazing what the body can do! The biggest adjustment was sleeping upright on my back.

Now at the 7 week mark, I am using Bio Oil and New Gel Scar strips and everything looks great. My PS couldnt be more happy with the recovery! I will post pictures soon


You look great and I enjoyed your review because I think your before pics look a lot like mine and we are the same age :)
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New pics!

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