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I can not remember the exact date of my procedure...

I can not remember the exact date of my procedure - However, I am still dealing personally dealing with the issue at hand. My biggest concern expressed prior to my breast lift was not only the lift itself, but the the reduction in size and shape of my areola. I remain very disappointed with both. My areola are still too big, and are also crooked and jagged in a sense. In addition, one breast is noticeably lower than the other. I returned to the office the next year for a "scar revision" in the office. The numbing process was probably one of the worst pain experiences I've ever had - but would've been worth it for normal and aesthetically pleasing shaped areola. But there I lay, with the Physician (Dr. Kavali) on one side and her P.A. on the other side. They were revising my areola simultaneously. I wish I'd been in the right mind to speak up at the time, but had been medicated with anti anxiety medications. How can 2 different people produce the same work!?! Needless to say , my areola were still crooked and jagged and look nothing alike. One is almost triangle in shape and the other is oval in shape. Thus, I am presently looking into medical tattooing. On another note, my boyfriend said that the only way he could tell I'd had liposuction was from the 2 small scars above my bikini line. I understand there are risks with any procedure - but I was never warned that my areola may not look alike. I was only told that my scars may be very noticeable because of my skin complexion.


Sorry to hear of such a negative experience. When I had my c-section, I was stitched up by two different doctors and even 8 years later one side of the scar is clearly cleaner and less noticeable than the other, so I get what you're saying about different docs. I hate when I'm in a situation where something is happening medically or in similar situations that I'm not comfortable with but I feel incapable of speaking up (although in your case you were not 100% with it, but I do this even when I'm not)- it actually happened when I got a tattoo I wasn't happy with a couple months ago - I knew the guy wasn't doing exactly as I had wanted yet I sat there and let him ... ugh, sorry. Medical tattooing can be excellent. I've seen some really cool photos and you wouldn't even know, especially for areola, you should be able to get great results. Good luck to you. I appreciated reading your story, thank you.
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