I Did Lift and Breast Implants, The Lift Was Worth It But the Size of the Breasts is Small! - Atlanta, GA

I did the Surgery A week ago I was a 34C bra...

I did the Surgery A week ago
I was a 34C bra size and the surgeon put me 300cc on one side and 385cc on the other..
They are not equal But I know they will change
I really do not like the size I wanted bigger And I can get even bigger implants
My question is
because I'm not happy with the surgery
I want to do Another surgery so i pay less?
Or what can be done in this situation?

I waited for this surgery for 10 years
And I saved money for nearly three years
And now I have 200 dollars in his pocket and 0 at the bank until I return to work...


I'm sorry you're not happy with your size. You should speak to your surgeon about what he or she can do financially. If the surgeon chose the size or put in the wrong size, he might waive his fee, but you'll probably still be responsible for facility/anesthesia fees. Let us know what your surgeon says! That is a long time to save and I can definitely sense your disappointment.

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