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Up at 5am because I am beyond nervous about my...

Up at 5am because I am beyond nervous about my surgery in the AM. Ready to get this over with. Definitely not looking forward to the pain of healing. Praying all goes well!! I chose 450cc Gel which are going underneath the muscle. Kind of worried because my PS chose to go with HP because I have a bit of Sag. I am trying to go into this experience as positive as possible. I am leaving everything else in the past along with my old boobs!! Wish me luck.


Can you post up any pictures ease, i wana go to this dr, ive heard of him, for BA im also a smallA, Used to be a "B"cup but after my daughter, they still stayed perkey ,but they got smaller :(
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Anxious to hear how your surgery went?! Hoping your recovery pain is manageable. Let us know if you have any questions...we're here to help you!

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Dr Paul McClusky


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