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I really don't know where to start. Been to doctor...

I really don't know where to start. Been to doctor after doctor after doctor and the say the same thing. There isn't anything we can find wrong with you. (this has been going on for almost 7 years now).

Let me start out by saying I love my 25 year old implants. They look great but I do truly believe they are causing The burning sensations and other flu like symptoms I have all the time. Not to mention there are some days I have no energy to leave the house. After I get the kids ready for school Im done for the day, exausted. So I sure hope I'm strong enough to get them taken out and not replaced, on one hand I can't wait to be me again, on the other hand every woman I passed today shopping had Boobs! :(

The first 10 years with then was great not one issue, then I got pregnant and the pain started in the left breast . The pain has gotten worse over the years and now it is in my arms and back area. It's constant and is interfering with my quality of life with my family.

I will be seeing Dr Susan Kolb and sure pray She can make my boobies be the best that they can be :) ha ha. I haven't been this scared well since I had our little girl. Thanks to all the women on here who were willing to share your story. I don't think I would be packing now and getting ready for my journey without all of yours. All I can do now is pray for her and for courage!


I just saw Dr. Kolb for a consultation and am waiting to see if insurance will cover the explant. What was your experience like? Were you pleased with her? As far as her being hypocritical, I never got the impression that she is anti- breast implant or breast augmentation. She is a cosmetic surgeon after all. Yes she herself does have implants and from what I gather she has done a lot of research and believes that they are the only safe implant on the market. I don't want implants in my body anymore, which is my choice. And her decision to have an implant she considers safe is hers. I think her issue with implants is that she believes they leak silicone into the body and cause some women to get sick. I think I am one of them. But I don't think it's fair to judge her because she does implant surgeries and has them herself.
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You do know that Dr Kolb has breast implants, right? And, she also does breast implant surgery. I mean I just think people should know this about her because with all that she has to say about implants I think is a bit hypocritical
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I have read her book "the naked truth about implants" and yes she has had silicone and saline implants. She mentions that there is a shelf life on implants. And that there are illness that can come from them. If her information that she has can prevent a person or help a person from an possible illness or illness' s . She is awesome . I was told my saline implants were safe and would last a lifetime. I was not told that they have a shelf life and that the saline implants had a Silicone Shell. And that some people are susceptible to autoimmune reaction if silicone is introduced into the body. My plastic surgeon and office didnt disclose, why becuase $$. I think its hypocritical for PS that do augmentation yet they dont disclose the possibilities of contraction, rupture , biotoxin, mold, fungus , and all the pain and suffering that could come about if such does happen. Not to mention my Dr. Didnt mention the shelf life. Im wondering how many do. Well im spreading the word . My struggle with implants illness from saline implants will be my story for others not informed who i come across sharing with.
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Dr. kolb is a little different from most of the doctors I've seen. As a matter of fact some of them got so mad when I would ask if my implants were making me sick they would not see me again, I was so at ease with her that even though she is no longer in my network I'm still going to have her do my surgery. I'm just going to pay for it myself.

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