Lipo of the Upper/lower Abdomen and Breast Lift with Silicone Implants - Atlanta, GA

I'm scheduled to have the surgeries listed above...

I'm scheduled to have the surgeries listed above on June 30th.

I'm 27 years old and currently weigh 145 pounds at 5'5". My bra size is a 36-C.

Some people (meaning friends and family) think I'm "crazy" for wanting this surgery, but honestly, I feel that it's the last step in my journey.

You see, I gained A LOT of weight right after high school due to improper diet and complete lack of any type of exercise. I got up to around 190 pounds.

One day, and I recall this with great clarity, I was at Old Navy purchasing some new blue jeans, because my old ones were getting too snug in the tummy area. I tried on the new pair and they fit fine.

But, as I took them off, my eyes went straight to the size label of the jeans. 16. A 16?! I was not meant to ever be this heavy.

I set down in the dressing room and tears started to form in my eyes. I had finally come to terms that I was unhappy with the results of my poor lifestyle choices. I had made tons of goals down the road, but I had never stuck to them for more than a few days.

I looked myself in the mirror and said "You ARE going to lose this weight."

About three years later I had reached my goal of 145 and since then have been able to maintain said weight but work out more to lose more inches.

So, even though my friends and family don't feel this is neccessary, it's not about them or how they feel...its' about me.

I want to lose those last few pesky pounds once and for all AND help tigthen up my loose skin (which my doctor said I have a good bit of and my body has basically gone through a pregancy).

Also, due to the weight loss, my breasts are sagging quite a I want to get them lifted and slighted increased in size (about a cup size).

I'm very scared and nervouse...but excited too!

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i had breast augmentation 5 days ago in atlanta ,ga
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How did it go? What doctor did you see?
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Please keep up posted. Speedy recovery!

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good luck! please keep us update on how this turn out.
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You're right, this IS about you. Not about them. Congrats on your major weight loss. What a turning point you had in the dressing room that day.

Just curious why you're going with lipo instead of a tummy tuck? Less invasive? Not as costly?

I hope you'll consider posting before and after photos. Please keep us updated on your journey!

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Thanks, Angie! I think it's important for people who are considering plastic surgery to ask themselves "WHO am I doing this for?" if the answer is anything but "Me", then that person should think long and hard before making such a life changing choice.

Great question! I had actually gone to the consultation to seek out more information about Laser-assisted Liposuction (a common brand name that you hear a lot is "Smart Lipo").

My doctor took a look at me and said that I was not a good candidate for that, due to my loose skin from weight loss. She said that with laser-assisted lipo, she cannot be as "aggressive" with the loose skin because I will be under local anesthesia. While in the OR, she said, she can hit all the areas I want removed (tummy and "love handles") and be more aggressive.

I specifically asked her if I should get a mini tummy tuck or even a full tummy tuck. After looking at my stomach again, she said that I really didn't need one. She stated that my stomach won't be "flat as a board" and I'll still have a little pouch above the belly button, but nearly all my problem areas could be taken care of via a liposuction. I was happy to hear that. :)

She also stated because I have fairly large breast already, that I could get away with just having a lift. But, I really want to have more fullness after my lift, so I opted for one of the smallest implants they had. Again, I should only go up about a cup.

I will definitely post some before and after photos...for myself and anyone else interested in my recovery :)
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