Breast Augmentation and Mastopexy Mistake - Atlanta, GA

I just had a breast augmentation and a mastopexy...

I just had a breast augmentation and a mastopexy one week ago. I did all of my research for a year beforehand and I thought I was ready. I had one tubular breast and needed a donut lift on one side. My PS did a beautiful job. They really are pretty and I know they will get even better as time goes on, but they aren't for me. I began as a small B cup and after 275 filled to 300cc saline mentor smooth under muscle. they are too big. Way too big. This isn't what I wanted at all and I am so sad it ended up this way. I am not a big boob person and I know once they drop and fluff they will be even bigger. I am well aware of the mood swings after an operation, but this isn't it. I am waiting another week to see my PS but I am going to ask to be deflated. I just want to go back to what I had before and if I do it quick enough, will my trauma not even be recognizable once they deflate? And if I don't allow for a drop and a pocket to be made, maybe some years down the road I might get much smaller implants and the surgery will be more straightforward? I am wasting money, and my loved ones want me to wait, but I hate these things. I am so sad that this happened, I wanted it to be close to perfect but it isn't. Can I deflate so soon?
Im so sorry to hear you're unhappy. I am in the exact same boat as you almost, getting similar sizes and I have tubular breasts, I am very nervous about the size as well as i am actually an AA :/ so even a bigger leap for me lol. Could you please pm me pictures or anything? Any info I can gather would help me so much as my surgey is in a few weeks
Sorry to hear about your experience. Do you feel differently now that some more time has passed? Thanks for sharing your story.
You are not alone and some people react the same way. At one week your postoperative swelling is starting to peak, so you can be sure they will be smaller and softer as time goes on. Talk it over with your surgeon. There is no harm in waiting a while to be sure you really want them deflated. Good luck.
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