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I am new to real self and I want to share my...

I am new to real self and I want to share my journey with everyone and hope to learn from you all as well. I am currently scheduled for a Sep. 2013 consultation with Dr.jimerson. I wish it was sooner but oh well. I guess it will give me time to lose some weight. I have always wanted a big butt. I don't like the way I look in my clothes. I have never been able to wear a bathing suit because I feel so self conscious of how my body looks. I have decided to do something about it, I'm tired of worrying about what other people may think. I want to do something for me that will make me feel good, not to mention look good. Big booty hear I come!!!

****correction**** my consult was Feb 25 & surgery was March 14!! Sry
Yes!!!! My consult was March 25 & my surgery was March 14!!! If you pay cash you get in really fast! Good luck! #teamjcurves!!!
if your paying in cash, let Dr Jimerson office know, your consult will move up and ur surgery will be around the corner
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I like the results from some of Dr. jimerson's patients. He does a great job. It sounds like he gives the patient what they want and expect.

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