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Well after reading other testimonys from various...

Well after reading other testimonys from various women,visiting so many doctor websites & staring at a million a$$e$ before & after i decided i wanna find my own happiness. All my life ive been told im thick but no butt& after yrs of jokes im ready, i just wanna have self confidence2 get naked infrnt of a man as well as the mirror.. After sex i cover my bottom so its not visable also i wont dare wear shorts or pants unless they enhance my bottom.. Tired of faking it with tight 2small pencil skirts. I wanna look good in everything.. Flatback,pamper booty, old lady a$$ ive heard it all & i laff but it really hurts.. The myth of every black girl has a butt is a LIE! I wasnt born wid it but i damn sure am happy im in a era where u can buy it & it can be natural;)
FEARS: i wont get the results i want, & i will waste my$.. 2. How long will i be in pain
3. It wont look natural& people will notice & make fun of me.. Oh god i would just lock myself in my house forever!! Lol
4. Scars..

So far dr.jimmerson looks like the guy.. Im 5'5 233.. But im well proportioned.. I jus wanna loose 40pounds cuz i love bieng thickalicious!! Guys love my shape but are dissapointed to see im lackn in da trunk;( newho sumbdy plz respond & tell me about your story.. AM I 2 HEAVY FOR THE SURGERY??;(

Hi there, welcome!

Have you already had a consultation with Dr. Jimerson? I've read a few reviews with ladies who weigh over 200lbs and sometimes the doctors do ask them to lose weight first, in order to get the best results.

hi kirsty thanks alot.. no ive talked to nurse over da phne, im so embbarrassed of my body im ashamed to email her pics of me in bra & panties.. yeah i plan to loose atleast 70 pounds b4 surgery.. i realize its also for health reasons i see now.. not thinkn its major surgery i was jus thinkn of da BOOTY!!! lmaao! neway thnks alot i thank god for u & yo website cuz now i knw millions of women struggle with my same problem;)

You're not alone at all, like you say, there are so many people delaing with the same issues and you don't need to be embarressed! We all have our issues and it sounds like you have a plan to deal with the excess weight.

Please do keep us updated with your progress and Happy Holidays!

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