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I have been looking around for about a year and he...

I have been looking around for about a year and he really sounds good, I have two kids and don't live there so I'm wondering about the week that I have to go back to see him is there a place close by him to stay. I know no one there so would love some option on where to stay for a week. I would really love some much needed feed back because I'm almost sold on him looking at some of the pic from everyone our body types r the same and would love this change foe me.


So I have got my price for the bbl, and a consitation date to speak to the doctor, now I.really have to finish Bering this money up becauses I'm Havering to provided for my home ass well, but it is a go for me.
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Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing your experience with us. Have you had a consultation yet with Dr. Jimerson, or any doctors?

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Welcome Luvely 29. Please feel free to read my blog on my surgery with Jimerson & let me know if I can answer any questions for you. Be blessed.
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After really doing my research I'm looking at...

After really doing my research I'm looking at another doc by the name Salama. In FL. His prices looks great and in after pic looks really good, and he is Board certified by the American board of plastic surgery. I really would like some places.to stay while I'm there please. Thanx

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