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Newbie: Who Has Had Their Butt the Longest? - Atlanta, GA

Hello Ladies, I have been following this...

Hello Ladies,

I have been following this thread for some time. I am getting a new set of tits and mini tummy tuck compliments of breast cancer, and this is giving me the motivation to look more into the BBL.

I have always wanted a BBL, but now I'm motivated more than ever. I see some really nice results, but what are the long term results like? Who has managed to have a successful BBL and start working out afterwards? Help me out ladies!

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ive tried to find that same thing out myself! i found one person who had their bbl for a year. she got it done with a doctor i'm scheduled with in NJ
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That's odd, you'd think there would be reviews longer than that since I've been stalking this site for so long lol. Well I have s consultation made whoop whoop!
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Hello! One of the most popular reviews on this Brazilian Butt Lift section of the site is also one of the oldest. Her username is 'enjoyself'. If you go to the reviews page and click 'Comments' to see the reveiws most commented on, hers should appear. Her results are great and have lasted almost a year now. She had the surgery in November 2011 xxxxxxxx
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*on her page, the last review was in May but in the comments section in August she says, the results haven't changed since then xxxx
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Well I live in ATL so I was thinking of checking out Jimmerson.
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Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing your journey with us. I'm sure you'll get lots of advice from the other BBL ladies. DId you have any doctors in mind?

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