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Hi BBL sisters , I'm 32 My weight is 170 Ibs i...

Hi BBL sisters , I'm 32 My weight is 170 Ibs i have 2 kids and it's time for a change. I model, i have been in music videos and magazines and Im so tired of having to cover my tummy or try to make my butt look bigger. A lot of people are against my surgery but I feel like they don't understand the feeling cause they're not in my shoes. I'm going to Dr. Jimerson in Atlanta to get a BBL and tummy tuck. My consultation is September 10, 2012 and im very excited .I hope to set my surgery date soon cause i cant wait. I love his before and after pix and really hope I have a great out come.

hey girl,

welcome to the bbl sisterhood, gl on your journey keep us posted.
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