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I have considered it ever since moving to atl. I...

I have considered it ever since moving to atl. I am very nervous but am confident about the procedure since it appears everyone does it. I just need some support from the ladies here and some opinions on how to get started. I already have an hourglass figure but I have been noticing that as I get older my booty isn't as plum or perky as before.I haven't had any children and would like to know if after having bbl and then children does it change the results or booty. Also I am 5'6 and 120 so i am pretty small

Dr. j is awesome give us an update on how the consultation goes. :)
Thanks ladies I have a consult with Dr Andrew j next month. I am so glad I found this site and guy ladies
Welcome Idream. I would say as far as kids go if you are not having any now do what makes you happy with your body. I know I wouldn't want to put off sx because I want my body back yesterday! Hope that little advise helps. Which Dr are you considering?
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