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Need Help Finding a Doctor - Atlanta, GA

I have never had a nice sized butt, my whole...

I have never had a nice sized butt, my whole family calls me white girl because of it, fyi im black..lol. It is so bad that my pants fall down constantly because I have NO hips or butt...i just have alot of legs and back. to be honest my stomach sticks out as far as my breast since ive gain weight. While in college I went from 130lb to 180lb at 5"9 & all the weight has mostly landed in my mid section . Im currently in atlanta and trying to find people who have real results. Who can show before and after pics. I want to get this done nexduring the winter so I can be healed by the summer. I see alot of people are going to fl and I think thats where im going. Leave any advice because this will be my 1st surgery.. Thanx

Ok, ive been researching bbl for a year now & and...

Ok, ive been researching bbl for a year now & and down to 2 doctors. Dr J curves (andrew jimerson) & dr stanley okoro. I love dr J"s results but he has along waiting list of ppl to get my bbl done. If I wait on him I wouldnt be geting my new booty until spring/summer 2014.. Smh! But I can get in with dr. Okoro much sooner ...but im not in love with his results, most are very moderate changes, however his bbl is all inclusive.
- fyi im not that interested in a really big booty I just really want hips. Im posting my wish pis & will update after my consultation with dr. Okoro.what do you guys think, should I wait it out..
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Hi there, thanks so much for sharing your journey with us. I'm sure you'll get lots of advice from the other BBL ladies. To help you get started you can use this link to help find doctors who perform BBL.

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Hello, im trying to change & add pics to my profile and reviews & its not letting me.
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Hi there, thanks for coming back and updating us on your progress. I think it's a smart idea to wait until you find a board certified surgeon that you're happy with and feel comfortable with. It's a big decision so you want to make sure it's the right decision for you!

I have sent you a PM re: photos.

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