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As a woman, I know what it feels like to not feel...

As a woman, I know what it feels like to not feel confident enough in your clothes, and even disproportionate. I am tall and skinny, and I have no curves at all. I seriously started considering the procedure a little over a year ago as I researched a little here and there. Coming across Dr. Jimerson's amazing work has definitely made me even more eager to get the procedure done!

First thing first:
I have not set up a consultation yet. First, I must put on the weight! This is going to be difficult to me because I cannot stuff myself with everything in sight. The only fat I can provide now is a LITTLE from my love handles...thats it! Not nearly enough! I have heard that Ensure is great. I am working on constructing a daily diet of about 3000 calories and a few Ensures a day. I have considered implants and after thorough research etc., I am sold for the Brazilian Butt Lift!
Any other suggestions for what may work for skinny girls?

What I want:
Because I have no curves, I want a little application to the hips as well as each buttock. While i know that each body will look different even if they have the same cc's, I am shooting for at least 750 to 1000 cc's in each cheek. Yes, I really want an A$$! lol I know that this means that I must put on a lot of weight!

I know that throughout this journey I must be realistic with myself, and I am. Before I can even set up a consultation, I MUST put on the weight. Im working on it. After the hard part is over, I will set up my consultation and then a surgery date.

So, I will keep you updated on my journey, and also add a few pictures. If anyone else has had to gain a significant amount of weight and have some suggestions please please share!!

Yes go with tyr consult first because I was 5"6 and weighed 119 when I first went in. I hardly had any body fat. I eat as well. Even with me gaining the weight it all went to my butt and legs. My stomach did get a little bigger but not enough. So it just depends in where the fat is.
Buffy the Body: who else BUT her (no pun intended) to help with weight gain? She's started a new fitness line and has tons of advice. RealSelf won't allow me to insert the link, but go to YouTube and look up "Bootynomics". Then you can scroll through until you see her vid on how to gain weight. Good luck!
Bubblicious, thank you girl! Ill update with any progress!
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