I Need to Be BANGING by 30! - Atlanta, GA

Hello Ladies!!! First let me say that I admire...

Hello Ladies!!! First let me say that I admire yall for taking control of your bodies and making it into the masterpiece you want. Im trying to get like yall!!! I am a mother of four and they have done a number on my body!! I NEED to be satisfied with my body again!!! My behind has changed shape and cellulite has joined the pity party!! I need a bikini worthy booty and my stomach and inner thighs gotta go!!! Im a little hesitant but this is something I need to do for myself and my self esteem... Im in the Atlanta area...i hear alot of good things about Dr. Jimmerson but he's kinda steep for me!! I know this surgery isnt cheap so do any of you also have suggestions of different ways to help me pay for this?? Also, I heard that FL has some pretty good Dr's too!! Any advice and suggestions are very much appreciated, ladies.... Thank you for helping me take the first step!!!!

@queenatl who's the doctor with that amazing special !!??
I was lookin into jimerson in atl but he's quoting me 9k :(
@vanIllafashh, his name is Dr. Okoro In atlanta...I love jImmersons work but them prIces wIll have you wIth the bIggest butt In the poor house.....lmao
thanks ladies! credit care....never heard of that, I'm gonna have to look into that
@alIna..that is a good price for both. seems the dr's here in georgIa charge alot more. I found one here wIth a $3999 specIal for BBL....waiting on him to reply back to see how I qualify
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