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I Question This Product - Atlanta, GA

In my experience of using the body wraps I have...

in my experience of using the body wraps I have felt the burning sensation but have received no results of losing inches. I have followed instructions to the T including eating correctly and drinking half my body weight plus wrapping properly. I have used 4 wraps on my thigh so I will use the last 4 on my stomach if nothing happens then I am done with it works products.
As a customer my self I can say ADAMIDANTLY that the wraps really do work. I was told (when having asked the same question due to having the same reaction) that if I have a lot of stretch marks (which I do) or are a smoker (of which I am not) or are irregular (which I have been since my gallbladder surgery) that I will not see any results until my body has become clear and that my stretch marks will be the first to go then I will have the weight loss that is expected. I do hope that you haven't given up on this yet
The pyramid scams are back. New products = new suckers who rip off their friends and destroy friendships and credibility. Try something yourself for 3 months quietly before telling the world and looking a fool. Sorry for sounding harsh. But I do loathe people being victims of scams :)

Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing your experience with us!

I've never used this product, but I know from reading the reviews that the results vary dramatically from person to person. If I recall correctly, you have to drink lots of water, exercise and eat healthy, which in itself should promote weight loss, even without the wraps.

Please do keep us updated on your stomach progress, I'm interested to see your results.


There is no one to coach you and distributors will say anything to make a sale. My distributor has not checked in with me to see how it was working out. I also noticed some of the distributors aren't working any longer (phone #'s are disconnected or no return emails). So that says a lot about the company. Also note that some of the distributors are having issues contacting the company jus like the customers (long wait times, website malfunction etc....)

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