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I have always had deep tear troughs that I was...

I have always had deep tear troughs that I was very self conscious about since I was about 12. I'm 51 now. In 2010, I had juvederm injections and while they looked great on the outer edges of my eye and finally reduced that indentation that bugged me so much it really pooled on the inner eye. I had bags where I never had bags. It was minor enough to just "wait" for it to go down, but they never did. Finally in 2012 I did a lot of research and found an occuplast in my area. He suggested I try again with Restylane, telling me that Juvederm was not good for that area. He also removed the remaining product with two quick little injections.

I finally went to him in May 2013 for new injections of restylane. Only by now, he was suggesting Belotero which I agreed to. The outcome was disappointing. Again it pooled right under my eye, in the bag area, though not as lumpy as the juvederm. It didn't flatten the outside area as much as I'd hoped. I was so disappointed. I went back to him about four weeks later and he said I just needed more product on the outer eye. This time he used Restylane. More expense, but okay, I really wanted to look better. This injection improved the outer tear trough, but it caused even more product to rest at the inner tear trough. It's ironic that I had such self consciousness about how tired I looked when nobody ever said I did. NOW they did, now that i had bags. So, saddened and discouraged I went back to him this week. He added a little something to "thin out" that baggy area, and lo and behold, except for a bit of bruising because he pressed down with his thumbs on that area, I finally have the flatter look I want. Finally!


Yay for getting the results you wanted!! Some people have mentioned noticing a brown or yellow discoloration under their eyes after using Belotero. Have you noticed any color change at all?

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I got brown spots at the injection sites of my initial juvederm injection 2010, and when I went for a consultation in 2012 to the doctor who did my belotero injections, those spots were still there. He said that it has to do with the skill of the person doing the injection, not the product itself. That seems to be true, because his injections didn't add anything to them at all. They do finally seem to be fading. In fact, I took advantage of a Groupon last week and got a "laser facial." I think that may be helping too. I hated those brown spots on top of everything else.

Thanks for letting me know. :)

Btw, we have several different laser communities, and one specifically for Laser Peels. I'd love it if you would write a review about your laser facial too - tons of us want to hear what does/doesn't work so your input would be valued! 

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