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I had been told all my life to have jaw surgery. I...

I had been told all my life to have jaw surgery. I was seriously considering it when I had an orthodontist ask me to get an MRI. the results of which showed degeneration of my TMJ. I was told by one surgeon NOT to have surgery. In addition I had an orthodontist make me an appliance to straighten bottom teeth. He filed my upper and lower front teeth. What he did not tell me is that he would have to move upper teeth 1-1.5mm. I stopped treatment because this was not acceptable. Now my teeth have moved NOT under guidance of orthodontist. I don't know what to do???

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Chief Complaint: In 2011, an orthodontist filed my teeth to place retainer to straighten bottom teeth. I stopped treatment when I realized he was going to move upper teeth out 1-1.5 mm. My teeth moved without the guidance of retainer/orthodontist. As a result, my over jet has changed from about 6mm to 8mm, my teeth have shifted left by 2mm, I have spaces in between my teeth that were not there before, wearing my back teeth down on right back, deep bite, mild to moderate lower front crowding now severe crowding. I know believe that I will need dentures at early age if I do not do anything. I am a 57 year old female in excellent health. I had braces as teenager. Lost my retainer in college. I was told as an adult that I was a candidate for orthognathic surgery. In 2009 had lower face lift, neck liposuction and chin implant. After the above incident, I went to an oral surgeon who in conjunction with an orthodontist who gives him a lot of referrals decided he did not want to do the surgery because I had an MRI which showed bilateral articular disc disorder with reduction, no TMD symptoms, mandibular retrognathia, dental compensation, no real change in occlusion over 12 years per models until orthodontist filed my teeth. It was the opinion of a TMJ specialist that I could have orthognathic alone or disc repositioning and later orthognathic. What is the solution to my problem? I cannot get any orthodontist in my town to treat me and one surgeon refused based on the MRI. Is it possible to move my teeth back to former position and go to a cosmetic dentist to straighten bottom teeth and reshape upper teeth to be more aesthetically pleasing? What other options do I have? I am still active working full time as an RN going to school for my MSN. I will travel somewhere else in the US to have this done if necessary. How do I post images. I have images from 2002, 2011, and 2013 (after filing). I also have x-rays I'd be happy to share. Thank you for your help.
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Hi there,

It sounds like you have been given a lot of different information. The first step I would recommend would be visiting a few orthodontists in your area to get different opinions on what you should have done.

I know that may not sound very helpful, but there is so much to be taken into consideration, that really the expertise of an orthodontist seeing you in person is needed to make a proper evaluation.

You are also welcome to post questions in our Q&A section. The doctors that volunteer on our site will be able to give you their opinions. If you have any photos or x-rays I would highly encourage you to post those as well so they have as much information to go off of as possible. However, do keep in mind "Should I have jaw surgery" is not an easy yes or not question.

Please keep us posted on what you find out and how you are doing!!


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