Dr is Recommending a Revision Operation to Correct a "Dent" Only 4 Months After my Primary Rhinoplasty.

I had a rhinoplasty about four months ago to...

I had a rhinoplasty about four months ago to correct a hump and a drooping tip that pointed further down when I smiled. (It looked like a hook nose.) My nose is now very straight, but there are two issues.

One: when I went to see the dr for a checkup a week ago, he walked in and said that he saw a problem immediately. It looks like my nose is more swollen on the right side than the left. That seemed normal to me, because I always had a lot more bruising and swelling on that side, so I wasn't that worried. He said that it looked like it was more swollen on the right side, but that was because there was a "dent" on the left side. (This can only be seen from the front, not the side - the side profile is straight.) He said that he wanted to do an operation to put some cartilage in there to fix it right away. He said the recovery time would be about the same as the first rhinoplasty! That concerned me, because everything I've heard is that you shouldn't try to do any revision work in the first year. He also mentioned another option of injecting the dent with Radiesse and said that it might cause it to heal itself. I opted for the Radiesse rather than the surgery and that's scheduled for next week, but the whole thing seems strange to me.

The second issue is that since the surgery, the tip seems to be floating down and now looks like it's pointed down again. The dr said that is because it is still swollen, but I'm wondering if there's anything I can do (taping?) to make sure it doesn't end up pointing down permanently.

The recovery was really difficult - a lot worse than I expected. The results are definitely an improvement, though the doctor wants to do a revision only four months after the primary surgery. That's what my question is about.

Can someone tell me if any of this sounds unusual? Help - I need advice before I do the Radiesse next week. Thank you so much!!


No it feels like my own now but it didn't for a long time. It felt really cold and as if it was "stuck on " I think it all depends how invasive your surgery is, mine was very invasive,the side I had my diviation on was more swollen for a long time. when I look at photos at 2/3 months and compare to now the difference is amazing, it will definitely reduce unfortunately you need to have patience. Some surgeons will give you steroid injections but i didn't get them so not sure how good they are. Talk to your surgeon if your worried it might be anything serious.
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Thank you so much. I really needed to hear your story and your results to clam down. It's been such a rollercoaster. Yes, mine was also extrememly invasive. I had an open septorhinoplasty with multiple grafts, and nostril shrinking and replacement. It was IN depth. I am so glad to hear that you can look back at 2mo to current and see a big difference. I guess bc my surgery was so extreme, it is taking longer. That and the fact that I happen to have thick skin. I guess that makes the healing process take longer as well. Patience is a virtue! I'll wait on the injections.
Has it changed a lot since January? I'm having what I hope is uneven swelling too. In pics, it looks a lot worse (I hope) than when I look in the mirror. The nostrils are very uneven in pics and also when I smile. I used to like my smile :(. I'm hoping it's just swelling but I really just don't know. definite rollercoaster.
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Don't know yet - depends on the final result.

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