Chin Implant 12 Yrs Ago - Corrective Surgery Needed

Had a receding chin and wanted a more prominent...

Had a receding chin and wanted a more prominent chin. Had almost no pain. I was happy with the results in the beging, as it really improved the look, but today I think it would be better with a bigger implant.

Hello, I have had a chin implant surgery 12 years ago when I was 17. If I remember correctly, it was a silicon implant and the incision was made from inside the oral cavity. The surgeon told me he is going to use a big implant because I had a very receding chin. As you see in the picture, the chin is still receding, and not in the same line as the lower lip. I am thinking of a corrective surgery. Which surgery would be appropriate for me, what are the risks, and does it worth the risks? Thank you.


This was posted a few years, but I'm interested in knowing what you ended up doing.
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Did your lips sit the same before the surgery? I ask because your lip seems to be sitting a little low and your showing a bit more of your lower teeth. If your lips changed after the surgery then it may be that you developed a complication of intraoral (through inside lip) approach to your surgery - 'lower lip incompetence'. Normally there is a 2-3mm gap between the lips 'at rest' (relaxed). But you may have had some lip incompetence before the surgery?? If not, then it may be that your mentalis muscle needs accurate reattachment. I would be getting a second opinion from a surgeon who specialised in chin implant surgery and has heard of 'mentalis resuspension.' Be wary of going bigger. You already have quite a deep crevice beneath your lower lip (labiomental fold). If you felt you really must go bigger, then I would recommend seeing someone who specialises in the bony surgery where they cut and shift a portion of the jaw bone forward. This is major stuff, so be sure. The other thing you may want to discuss with your surgeon is a different style/shape of implant - there are so many! But choose your surgeon very carefully if you proceed. Repeat surgery by intraoral approach can cause problems with functioning of the lips and mouth. Its an important area.
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Options are a much larger chin implant or a genioplasty (moving the jaw bone- mandible- forward). Go see a board certified plastic surgeon with experience in cranio/facial surgery. Regards Dr. Darryl J. Blinski, MIAMI
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