Wouldn't Do It Again

Britesmile wasn't that uncomfortable during the...

Britesmile wasn't that uncomfortable during the procedure but for 24 hours afterward my teeth hurt constantly and I had periodic stabbing pains that would stop me in my tracks. I expected some discomfort, so this wasnt a big deal for me.

However, though I followed the diet rules and cut off coffee and soda for a week after my teeth reverted within a few days to a translucent gray color that I think is worse than what I started with. I'm sorry I spent the money and wish I'd gone another route.

I think Britesmile works for some, not for others. Obviously I am not the ideal candidate the thing is you wont know of you are until the money is spent. Trays and strips being the hassle that they are I think I'll just accept my non-movie-star smile the way it is.

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