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Hi im 20 years old and i am a 44m 5'7 256. i...

hi im 20 years old and i am a 44m 5'7 256. i sound big but im not when u see me u can tell where all my weight is at. I blew up when i did chemotherapy in 2009 up to now. im meeting with a doctor discuss my BR. My question is do insuarence cover it? and do anybody have a good weight loose other then working out, weight watchers, no carbs? i have tried all of those for the past year and no results. I forgot to mention that the chemo that im doing is also steriods too. What can i exspect through journey? what are some of the questions that u asked your doctor or that was in your mind. im ready and kinda scared at the same time lol.


Many women do get their breast reductions covered by insurance. I had my approval in about 3 weeks. Any supporting information that you can get from your primary care doctor, chiropractors, or anyone else you have seen is helpful to send with your request.
When I met with my doctor I had taken some pictures with me that I had printed off that had women who were similar in my "Before" size and who ended up with a size and shape I liked. But I only took pictures of women who had breast reductions because I wanted to have realistic expectations of how I might look after.
Every woman is different but as you have probably read on here that the pain is generally not nearly as bad as anticipated.
Are you still taking chemo? Best of luck through that as well as through your BR journey!
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Welcome to RealSelf.

The main thing is to make sure you are healthy and strong prior to the surgery.  Exercise is an important part of weight loss but it doesn't have to be hard.  Start by getting yourself on a walking program an then build from there.  Just remember baby steps and don't take on too much at one time.  

Eat healthy with fresh fruits an veggies, whole grains, lean protein and non fat or low fat dairy products.  Don't do one of these extreme diets.  They simply don't work.  Focus on the healthy foods as well as calorie counting and portion control.  You may want to meet with a Dietician to determine how many calories you need and what works best with the medications you are taking.  

Hang in there and keep posting.  I know all of the ladies will share their tips and tricks to help get you through this process.

Here is a link to my Breast Reduction Survival Guide which will help answer additional questions.  


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