Brest Reduction (For Droopy Breasts After 2 Children)

I had a breast reduction in November 2009, My ps...

I had a breast reduction in November 2009, My ps and her staff were great and I am very satisfied with the outcome, minus the scar under my breast where a wayward stitch made a scar.

Unlike many people, I did mine for cosmetic reasons, my breast were droopy after two children, post op,they are perky and fit perfectly in my 36D bra, that I can now easily find matching panties for! And to top it all of the procedure was covered by my insurance so all I had to pay for was my deductible for an outpatient procedure.

I too had my breast done after I was done having children. My insurance paid for my procedure too! I love my breasts...Something I never thought I would say
Wow that's great! I really want and need a breast reduction after 4yrs I still feel as if there is milk in my breast at times and my shoulders/back hurt badly from time to time. Mind if I ask what insurance carrier you have & your PS's name/number/website?
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My PS is highly skilled and I felt that she honestly listened to what I wanted to accomplish.

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