Breast Implants CAN Make You Sick - Atlanta, GA

Breasts looked good on the outside but the mold...

Breasts looked good on the outside but the mold and illness I experienced afterwards made me look pretty ugly!!!

These things are not worth risking your health and happiness. You may not get sick, but if you do, you have a long road ahead of you! They are deadly. Good luck if you implant, you're gonna need it. Be sure to have enough saved up to have them out. I regret it every second that I breath.

I agree that all the information should be out there. Which is one of the reasons I love working for RealSelf :0) Thanks for contributing!

Thank you! I agree absolutely, not everyone's body reacts the way mine did. I don't advocate a ban on them. I only advocate that medical device companies and plastic surgeons who see women get sick (and many do) acknowledge problems without ostracism from the medical establishment. There are more who become ill than one realizes, and it seems from the women I've talked to the symptoms are almost identical. This is an extremely serious illness which is significant and extremely costly. There is no absolute safety and saline implants should not be advertised as such. I suggest if one falls ill, one should have medical treatment available with developed testing and acknowledgement instead of brick walls, closed doors and ignorance. I had no idea about this since it is not mainstream information. I relied on my surgeon for information as a trusted resource and I beat myself up everyday for a choice that took me from a completely healthy, active individual making a difference in this world to one with chronic illness, high insurance and medical costs, low function, lost relationships and ostracism. If I can reach just one woman experiencing illness or just one doctor to rethink the possible, it is the least I can do. Thank you again for the kind words. I will investigate your recommended website.

I'm sorry you had such a poor experience with breast implants. Not everyone's bodies react the way yours did, but I can only imagine how painful it was for you.

You might want to visit RealSelf's Breast Implant Removal community and post your experience with explantation there. It's a great group of supportive ladies.

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