THRILLED with Breast Aug and Rhinoplasty so far!!!!!!!!!!

Hello. I have been wanting breast implants for...

Hello. I have been wanting breast implants for about all of my adult life and I am finally getting them next month! I am so super excited but I want to make sure that I get them big enough. I always read on here people saying that they wish they would have gottem them bigger. Also just wanted to share my experience in general, this website has been helpful to me and I wanted to return the favor!

I am 5'8 or so, 142 lbs (of course fluctuates within 5 lbs) and very medium sized frame. I want to have the full beautiful breasts like a Playboy model, etc.

The Dr recommended 425-475 ccs but all of them that I tried on in the office seemed so small!! Very strange to me, thought those were pretty large implant sizes!!!

My pre-op isn't for 5 weeks but I will keep updating through here until then!!

I am also getting rhinoplasty at the same time so that is the reason for the expected cost of $9000!!!

I finally got them done!!! Went with 450 on the...

I finally got them done!!! Went with 450 on the left and 475 on the right to get them to be close to the same size.
The left breast looks adorable and totally natural already, but the right is still riding high and hasn't dropped as much as I hope it will in the end.
The rhinoplasty went well but the nost is still extremely swollen from surgery!
I had my surgery on 9/29/11 . I went in at noon, but my surgery did not begin until 2 p.m. I was under for almost three hours, as there were the two operations. I was in recovery for about an hour.
Once I got home, I took my pain meds immediately. Big mistake. I threw up all night. Switched to acetaminophin and felt a lot better.
That Friday was a hazy day, just laid in bed all day.
I am hoping my swelling in my nose goes down, along with my right breast. Then life will be good!!!!!!!

Everything seems to be dropping as needed and my...

Everything seems to be dropping as needed and my nose looks better and better everyday, I am so glad that I did this!!!!!!!!
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Also make sure you keep in mind the size of your frame and how much tissue you currently have. Your surgeon should be able to help you with this, but larger framed ladies carry off big implants better than petite women.  Please let us know what you decide to go with!

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It's a great site! I would probably go with the 475's too, if I were you. My stats are a little different from yours. Iam sure you will look great! Good luck and keep us updated! :)
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thanks for the website! gonna check it out now... after he said he was thinking of doing 400 ccs, I'm leaning more towards 475...
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I think you should go bigger. I just got my done and got 450 cc. It's been two weeks. I'm a small D. My husband wanted me to get 500 cc. But I was scared . It's not that big 250 cc is one cup. You can measure at home. I went 450cc because I plan on having more kids. If I could I would go bigger.
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Trust your surgeon. Show him/her pictures of what you are wanting to obtain and what you DON'T want. Most of the ladies on here will tell you not to get caught up on cup size or cc size as each one of us is different. I originally wanted 400cc's but my surgeon suggested 450cc's after I showed her pics of what I wanted to accomplish. I trusted her judgement and I am completely happy. Your doctor has the years of experience, that is what you are paying them for. I am 5'7" and 130lbs and got 450's. I was 34b before and I am a 34C/D now. I am only 3 weeks out, so things will change for me I know. There are so many factors that go into choosing the right size, implant type and so on. Just be open with your surgeon and ask alot of questions, so in the end you won't be disappointed. Best of luck!
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Wow so you went with 450 and they brought you to a C/D? How was the pain for you?? Do you know if you went with moderate profile or moderate plus or high profile? Are they dropping already? How do you feel? Thanks for taking the time to reply!!!!
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Yes, I went with 450. The pain was not bad at all. They are very tight and swollen. I was prescribed oxycodone and only took it for one day, then switched to tylenol as needed. I had my surgery on a Wednesday, went to a follow up appointment on Thursday and went shopping afterwards. I did get a little tired while shopping though. I went back to work on Friday. I do insurance work, so it was really easy for me. I was out and about the weekend and have been going ever since. To tell you the truth, had I known it would be so easy, I would have done it a long time ago. I went with moderate profile and yes they are dropping. More so on my right (my dominant side). The look so great! At first I was like, "Whoa! These are huge!" and I cried to my husband on day 5 post op. Since then the swelling has gone down, I like them alot more. Sometimes I think I could have gone bigger, but then I think about the complications with larger breasts and then I think of what I had before. My family and friends say they look natural on me. They are perfect for my size. Not too big like a porn star, but what you would see in a playboy. That was what I was looking for as well. Iam very happy with the outcome. My clothes still fit, only wayyy better and I love how I look in a swimsuit. Oh, and my hubby LOVES them too! I have no regrets! :)

All in all, it just depends on the outcome you are looking for. Just communicate with your surgeon.
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