Augmentation, then Revision to Smaller Implants - I Want Them Removed

I want my implants removed. I never had small...

I want my implants removed. I never had small breasts, just a bit of sagging and wanted some upper pole fullness.

I had implants put in in 2003, then replaced with smaller ones last year. They are still too big. I am much more fit now and they do not match my body. I feel very self conscious about them and try to hide them. The implants have to come out.

My question is do I do a lift at the same time? They are somewhat droopy and heavy with the implants, so I do not think I will be thrilled if I just take them out. I am worried about scarring, though, as I have started dating again recently. I am concerned with how men will perceive me as they heal, as I know the scars take a very long time to heal. I am not currently in a relationship, but would like to be. I would have to have the areola incision plus the vertical scar underneath (lollipop?). I would like to hear of others' experiences with scarring.

Also, I am 39 years old, no children yet. I may or may not have children, but am also wondering if it is a mistake to do this prior to having a child.

Need advice...explant only or explant and lift? Scarring?

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Removal of implants does not necessarily require a mastopexy (breast lift). Furthermore, if pregnancy is anticipated, you might want to put off a lift until you are through bearing children.
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Who was you plastic surgeon i also live in atlanta and am gonna have breast aug and wld like to avoid going to a bad dr.~thanks
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Thank you for the reply, Rosie. I have consulted with three surgeons and they all agree the "lollipop" technique would give me the best results (the scar around the nipple and one vertical under the nipple). Is this what you had? If so, how long did the scars take to heal? I know I am more worried about the scars than anyone else. Dating is difficult enough without additional issues. I think I have to be confident enough about it and then it won't be so bad. We are all harder on ourselves than others are.
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Hi, I had implants ten years ago after weight loss and breastfeeding two babies. Then had them re-done after capsule formation with the first lot. Then decided to have them taken out after they hardened again and had a lift done (mastopexy). The scarring was not terrible and I had small but natural boobs for a while. By that time I was a single mum and dating again, so I know what you're worried about. I didn't find it a problem. To be honest, I don't think men generally have as much of a fixation about boobs as we think they do! I did end up having implants again in 2008 and am now happily in a one-year relationship with a guy who finds me sexy even with my scars... I don't know if I will ever be completely happy with my boobs but am glad I have the option to change them if I feel the need. I think the problem with scarring gets worse the more ops you have though so it's not an easy thing to decide. Good luck with whatever you decide to do!
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