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Since I am done having children (got my tubes tied...

Since I am done having children (got my tubes tied in DEC. after my son was born) I've decided I am ready to invest in getting my body back right. I have never had a butt but it seems less noticeable when I was slim and had no stomach lol. I am in the researching stage which is how I found this site. I had a consultation with Dr. Jimmerson on 7/26. He quoted me 17,000 for the tt and bbl after reading reviews about how hard the recovery is for both of these procedures combined I decided to forget the tt and just do the bbl. I have no hips or butt and Dr Jimmerson says its an extra 1,000 for the hips. I think it should be included but hey he's the expert. My cousin had a tt done by him and she looks great. I found a doctor by the name of Michale Carter of Atlanta Medical spas. His bbl includes full torso and back which is what I need. Have anybody heard of him and/or used him? I called to schedule an consultation but the lady is not in today

Hey there, welcome and thanks for sharing your journey with us. I'm sure you'll get lots of support and advice from the other BBL ladies! Do keep us updated on your progress.

thanks Nicki86 I can not wait to get the bbl but I have a llot more research to do :/

Hey girl welcome to the BBL sisterhood good luck on your journey and keep us posted also good luck with the doctor search and please make sure to do your research before making a conclusion with Dr. you want.

So I had my consultation with Dr. Michael Carter...

So I had my consultation with Dr. Michael Carter today, and I really like him. I think he is who I am going to go with. He is not a plastic surgeon but a cosmetic surgeon. He specialize in Tumescent liposuction. Which mean you are awake but very relaxed. I had a c-section in december and the recovery was hell. So a tt is out of the question for me. He does full torso which includes back, sides bar rolls and the fat by the arm pitt. Also he kept it 100% real with me and explained that he can only inject what my butt will hold and it depends on how loose or shagging mu skin is back there. I have medium loose skin and I should be able to get at least 1000cc. Since I am only doing liposuction I have a chance of having loose skin and he also offers a skin tightening procedure with is included in my price of 9,150. I really feel comfortable with him and he is the one for me.

thanks redbonz its so hard to make a choice I really love how flat dr carter gets you from just lipo but I agree his butts are lumpy and not as big. There are other docs who I love their butts but not their lipo.ugggggh I haven't put my deposit down yet I was suppose to yesterday but I am still too confused to be sure thanks for your prayers I need them. I will keep updating..
Well if you are considering a tt you should consider Dr. Cardenas in TJ or Dr. Velilla in Marimar Florida for a nice butt and lipo for an affordable price.
Hey redbonz I don't like the complaints about Dr. Salama after the bbl is done more than five girls on here have to have a revision and thats just too many for me. I had a consultation with Dr.Jimerson but he's not who I want to go with. I am going in for consultation with Dr. Okoro soon. I ask Dr Carter why his bbl wasn't so noticeable afterwards and he stated that's what those patients wanted. as he explained every person is different and the amount of fat that the butt can hold vary from person to person. I have never gained weight in my butt area and I don't think my butt would take a lot of fat seeing that I don't have a lot of loose skin but we shall see. Thanks for the input girl! :)
Dr. Michael Carter

I choose Dr. Carter because I don't want a tummy tuck and he does great lipo. I did soo much research and went to soo many consultation. He is the best doctor for the results I am looking for.

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