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The 4th was my 18th birthday so I'll be...

The 4th was my 18th birthday so I'll be uploading pictures of what I look like now and what I WANT to look like. The only problem I have is not getting support from people. It's something that I'm really passionate about, so I'm not sure whether to get it regardless of what they say, or let their opinions determine my happiness. Never the less. I'm still young, plus I need to save up for it. So I have time to decide. What do you think?

Thank you guys. Right now I do kind of agree with some aspects of why I shouldn't get it now. I'm sure within the next year or so I will. If I've wanted to get the procedure since I was 16, 19 won't kill me. lol. ;D
Hi Shealove
Who is your profile photo of. Cause her butt is bonkers! Lol
That's what I want.
I have no idea who she is. lol. I wish I did. I just googled "big butts" lol. And then I ventured on and looked at ladies from XXL magazine and Black Man magazine.

Since I've decided to wait on this particular...

Since I've decided to wait on this particular procedure, I've also decided to start the P90X and I wanted to keep you guys updated on that as well. A whole 90 days.O_o. If I lose my butt, I'll be utterly disappointed. lol. Hope you guys don't mind. Much love.
Bella Forma

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