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Botox is Absolutley Worth It for Forehead Lines

Botox is great for getting rid of forehead lines....

Botox is great for getting rid of forehead lines. It also can prevent future lines from being formed. I would recommend getting it 3 times a year to maintain the results.

Also the right doctor or nurse practitioner is a must. The first time I had it the doctor injected my entire forehead causing my brow to sag and hang on my eyelids. For about 2-3 weeks I looked old and tired. However since then I have switched to a nurse practitioner who is careful about where the shots are injected. I am able to make expressions, raise my eyebrows. No one knows I have Botox and when I tell people I get Botox they always laugh and think I'm joking.

However, it does hurt, although more doctors are carrying the smaller needles for injections and it makes a huge difference.

Did your nurse use Pain Ease? There is a great article in Dermatology Times this month summarizing two Botox studies from 2009 reporting that Pain Ease resulted in significant pain and anxiety reduction. Also, most patients would request Pain Ease at their next procedure. Check out "Pain Free Botox" on YouTube.com
I also have a nurse do my injections. When I started, I had a doctor inject. Not only did he charge more, he just wasn't as good. My nurse is excellent, careful, and of course, cheaper. When you think about it, nurses do most injections. Doctors examine you, diagnose you, and leave when it's time for the nurse to administer a shot!
Great story and good recommendations. I use a 32 gauge needle really helps. But I recommend ONLY a doctor inject in Florida. Very hot issue here. Regards Dr. B
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