issues with Rhinoplasty??

Hey everybody, I appreciate all the helpful posts...

Hey everybody, I appreciate all the helpful posts everyone has written. I have had two Rhinoplasties. The primary was 3 1/2 years ago and 7 months later my same p/s did a Rhinoplasty revision surgery due to a piece of bone on my bridge pessing against my skin and causing a hump on the bridge of my nose as well as fix a hanging Collumella from the primary surgery and fix a "pig nose" again caused from the first primary. It has been nearly three years after my revision and still a piece of my bone on my bridge is pressing against my skin causing a hump and white discolouration and my tip is boulbous. One of my nostrils is bigger than the other and I am having breathing difficulties. I am now twenty years old and struggling with a decision of a third revision but cannot afford it and am extremely dissapointed. The pictures are attched are current and the close ups show you the white piece of bone sticking out from my bridge. What do you think? Thank you. Alison

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Thanks Blume91
Ur still very beautiful ;)
Will keep in touch ;)
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I posted some before pics for you. I wish you the best of luck for your Rhinoplasty I'm sure you will do just fine. :)
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My Ps is Dr Vartany in Glendale California.
U are right I shouldn't think about the negative so much.
Did you have jump prior to ur rhino? There are no b4 pics to see.
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Well, dont psych yourself out now about the surgery. Alot of surgeries go really well so dont fret too much. Just make sure you have done your homework and have a board certified surgeon. Also be 110% confident that your surgeon has the skills necessary to achieve what you want. And dont be afraid to shop around because after all you are the customer. Who is your potential surgeon if you don't mind me asking... I am actually afraid of asking my P/S for a reference since I have been having such issues with the two Rhinoplasties he has already done.
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It's unfortunate... I am so scared to have mine done because you really just never know how your body will heal. U can't get ur PS to refer you to a specialist a friend of his? I mean you should push pro-bono lol.
Your so young and beautiful that I feel that you should try and get ur PS to help u out ;)
Anyway as of right now I have my blood work scheduled for Jan 27 and surgery on Feb 7.
Thanks for writing back ;)
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Hey Brazilian, well the bone is apparently to the bone healing wrong but the strange thing is they never broke my nose during either of my surgeries... The nostrils happened after the revision I had even nostrils before the surgery. Also if you notice in the nostril picture there is what looks like a piece of skin inside one of the nostrils blocking my airway. I am having breathing issues.
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Hey interesting thing that happened to you.
I am scheduled to have a small bump removed on FEB 3rd.
And ur post grab my attention . I have a couple if questions if u dnt mind
Did the nostrils happen after surgery?
What did the dr say the reason for the bone was?
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Oh my, I totally see what you mean by the white bump. Your nose is super pretty and you're a lovely young lady, but that bump would be really annoying. Breathing difficulties are no fun either.

I'm going to suggest that you post a question (with a photo) to doctors in RealSelf's Q&A community. But I hope you'll come back and tell us what you decide to do. You might want to check out the Revision Rhinoplasty community.

Thanks so much for sharing your story and photos with us. It's too bad that rhinoplasties are so complex and difficult to get just right.

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