Dr.Jimerson or Dr Salama.. TT..BBL.. BL ..Inner Thigh Lipo..!

Hi ladies..I am new to real self..I have been...

Hi ladies..I am new to real self..I have been searching for a surgeon over 1 year now..I was looking at dr jimerson work which i lovee his results but i also look at dr salama and his results are also fabuolous...I wanna get a tt bbl bl also inner thigh lipo..but am soo undecided..i live in ny..so ill be flighting in..anyone has any recommendation on who team should i go with?...i would like to get it done something jan - april.. ..iplease helpp!

First and foremost: Do you know what type of body shape you are aiming for and how much money are you willing to spend? Both doctors have their own style. Salama gives more so curves than ass. (In my opinion) Jimerson gives more so ass than curves. (Again, that's my opinion) I am 2 months post op (Salama). I wish I would have spent the little extra and went to Jimerson. As I read all the threads it seems as though all lot us ladies wish we chose the opposite Doc after the fact. Be certain with the Doctor you choose because you don't want to end up feeling like a lot if us, "I spent to much money to not be completely happy and to not have gotten what I asked for!" Ultimately the decision is yours....do your OWN research and don't be afraid to ask questions. Speak your mind so that whatever Doctor you choose will know exactly what you are expecting.
Welcome to team salama :) he will not disappoint lol take care and if I can be of sny help let me know :)
I'm going with salama bc he has good work and cheaper lol jimerson smooths look nice but so does salamas they r equal just one is cheaper
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