Good Results but Terrible Pain - Athens, GA

I read the reviews and I was a little nervous...

I read the reviews and I was a little nervous about the pain. You can do up to 4, 15 min rounds. The first round was fine, didnt hurt at all, the second round I got the ZING that people talk about but it still wasnt bad. the 3rd round was TERRIBLE! I had to stop half way in. My teeth did come up 2/3 shades, I am excited to try the take home trays to see if they come up a little more. I personally would not go through the pain again, it was worse than child birth. I cried all the way home, the pain 96% gone by the next morning. My doctor was amazing the pain was just really bad.

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Eek, I'm so sorry to hear how much pain you experienced. :(

I just want to check, do you mean that your teeth lightened 2 to 3 shades, or 2/3 (less than 1) of a shade?

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