Loving my new tummy! - It's the icing on the cake in this long journey - Athens, GA

When I asked the opinion about my decision to get...

When I asked the opinion about my decision to get a TT of someone I trust to tell me the truth and not just what I wanted to hear, she said "Go for it! It's the icing on the cake in this long journey", thus the title. I am 44, ", just under 5'8". I currently weigh 184 and have lost 111lbs over the past 3 years. I am not sure what my ideal weight is, maybe 150. The doc and I believe this surgery will spur me on to the finish. Watching my "apron" deflate and get grosser looking is not very encouraging. LOL! I couldn't run a mile in high school and now I can run a 5k five days a week. I have to force myself to slow to fat burning mode, b/c I love the run!

I am fortunate that I did not cause as much skin damage as I could have, doc says he is amazed that it is not worse. He is so proud of what I have accomplished and is excited to to see the resulting surgery reverse the damage done. I have two children and had gained a significant amount of weight with each child (they are 10 years apart) and carried that weight for many years. At 40 I decided that I was wasting my life and decided to make a change. I quit smoking and a almost a year later started eating right and exercising. Sounds easy, right? Not. I wont even pretend there were not ups and downs, but I am sure you have heard it before.

Solidly in a sz 12 but a 10 in dresses that are not fitted in the hips. I am blessed with an hourglass shape and decent height. Smallish waist, about 30" at the moment. Large chest, no implants, just heredity. Even with the weight loss I am still a 34DDD, don't know if those will ever go away. (I am going to the 36/26/36 in the end!) Not complaining, but I have a feeling the girls are going to look HUGE once the TT and lipo of hips and thighs are done. I already plan on having my arms done and possibly a thigh lift. My doc says that he usually discourages the arm lift surgery due to the large scars, but in my case, he understands. It is truly the worst area. He says the thigh lift is a bad recovery and he would like me to be at my final weight (150-160) for a year before we do that. He says the same about a breast lift as well. He will not do my TT and arms together b/c he says my recovery would be miserable, but still will charge me the same as if they were done together. Yay! And, he said that since the TT will make such a huge impact on my shape (says it will look like I have dropped 25 lbs!) he recommends I do that first. So October 10th, here I come!

So anyway, the part that concerns me is that I say the last 10 lbs or so I have lost, I am seeing more wrinkling skin on my outer thigh/hip area. My husband, who has been at all the consults, says that the doc has said that the sides will "cinch" in a bit. So essentially, in addition to pulling the skin from my stomach down and the bottom portion up slightly, that it will pull forward as well. This in addition to the lipo of my hips, thighs and stomach should take care of that.

I am extremely excited about my surgery. Rental recliner ordered, time off work arranged for me and my husband, pre-op done, meds ordered, food prep planned, house cleaned, organized and sanitized. Kids taken care of, extra help on stand by, etc...

I will do my best to keep you all posted on my progress, I know I have obsessed over the blogs and pics in the last few weeks. I am just going to post 2 befores for now. I have dozens of very unflattering shots, but don't have the nerve just yet. This will give you an idea of my body type along with the stats above. I know when I was looking, I was constantly looking for someone with my body type.
Good luck to you! Our stats are close so I'll be checking your results :-)
Your gonna be smokin hot girl!!!! :-) lots of luck
Good luck

Getting close....having weird feelings!

I keep going from "Yay, I can't wait!" to "Am I sure I can't fix this with more working out?" Does this happen to everyone. I know I am not at goal weight, but this flap is not going away!! I don't know why I feel like I need people to tell me "it's ok" or "You're doing the right thing". Please tell me this is just cold feet!

BTW, anyone out there with similar stats needs additional pics of "before" let me know. I was kind of stingy with the pics. :)
You are going to look so awesome! Your waist is already tiny! Just wanted to give you a better suggestion than the recliner, a zero gravity lawn chair. Awww it was heaven! It takes all the pressure off of any place you ache. I got mine off Walmart.com $5 shipping and it arrived less than a week after I ordered. Best money I spent on this surgery (besides the surgery itself lol). I put a big comforter down, pillows on each side of me, down my back, under legs and one for my head and it was amazing. I still have it set up in my living room for after work when I'm super swollen. Good luck!
Thanks for the advice. I will check it out! Hope you are doing well today!
Awesome, I will do my best to post progress for you!

Up a 4am!! Can't sleep!

I am anxious about sx. Just 7 days away! Traveling to see family this weekend and I am glad for the distraction. Work has slowed somewhat and it leaves me too much time to think. LOL.

Tried on a bunch of clothes yesterday to distract myself. Turned out to be fun. Everything was much bigger on me than the last time. I already need new clothes but will wait until after healed to spend anymore money.
Congrats on your weight loss and the decision to put the icing on the cake!!!!!! I lost massive weight too, and yep, this IS the icing on the cake!! Best of luck to you! You have a great figure and you're going to look amazing!!!!! Looking forward to your updates!
Thanks and you look AWESOME!

1 WEEK PO!!!

Stopped by my PC's office today. Getting to know the staff there pretty well. They already have a referral from me too! Anyway, went to look at a couple books of before and afters. I really have to stop that! It will just drive you crazy.

Some of the anxiety is gone today. Now I am just getting excited. After the docs office I stopped by the mall and tried on some clothes. I have a brand new pair of sz 10 slacks hanging in my closet! They fit, but snug. I was amazed at some of the things I fit into today. Made my day!
We are nearly there!!! Hope you're feeling positive and looking forward to your results. Wishing you everything you'd wish yourself and a speedy recovery. :-)
i know!! Excited for us both! Wishing you a successful surgery and speedy recovery!
Unbelievable weight loss! Congrats! Cant wait to see your tformation pics!

4 MORE DAYS!! Feeling great!

I am not nervous or anxious anymore. A weird calm has taken over. Spent the weekend at a Family reunion. It was weird not talking about it. I don't want anyone but a few friends and family to know before to operation. I won't see most of them for another year and they will just assume I lost more weight, which I will have lost the final 30 or so by then. They have been watching me shrink for 3 years. It felt good getting all the compliments.

So for the next three days I will workout hard, clean more, grocery shop, get organized and OH Yeah, work! LOL! I am sooooo ready for this!
Very excited for you!! Great2bme pretty much nailed the advice ... I used the Arnica for swelling an pain as I did not have lipo done. I did not use a walker but I had someone there with me an they helped me get up each time. Just depends on each person an who will be helping out during the rough days!!! I'm going to try the wife beater shirts tonight an see how it feels as I haven't tried that yet :-).... I do wish u the best an will wait to see how your surgery went!!! Your gonna look hot chica!!!
Thank you so much for your advice and well wishes! My wonderful husband will be with me 24/7 the first 4 days, then I have my 10 year old daughter during the days for the next week. My 20 year old son is close and can come as back up. My heart warms with the thought of them taking care of me after all these years of me taking care of them.
Looking forward to having you join the flat side! Here's some advice you can take or leave. A long soft soft tshirt to put under your binder or cg is a good idea. The cgs and binders tend to irritate your incisions. I bought a yard of flannel material and it was so comfy under my binder and bra. If you have the money a 4 wheeled walker helps alot! Helps you to get up and also helps while you are walking. Make sure you get enough pain meds you'll need those. Also benedryl in case you start itching from the pain meds. Now or later get silicone gel strips, very very good in making the scar disappear and not develop into keloids, used on burn victims. Milk of magnesia, colace...something to help you poop also from the pain meds. Safety pins and headband if not doing the drainless. Pull headband down over head onto neck and safety pin your drains to it when you take a shower. Velcro binder is alot easier than a cg the first week or so. You can make it tight or loose depending on your swelling. Important not to make it too tight or it will cause skin death on the incision. Some girls get "arnica" for bruising. I didn't have any bruising both times so I bought some but havent used it. I didn't really swell this time either. Be sure you ps covers you for resistant staff infections. Bactrin DS is a great antibiotic rather than keflex which is what most ps prescribe. Bactrin DS is better than keflex cuz it covers resistant staff which is the most common surgical infection. My hubby is doc and cancelled my ps script for keflex and put me on Bactrin DS. Talk to your ps about this. Can't think of anything else. Good luck!

52 hours and 42 minutes to go!

I am so glad I have a lot to do today for work! This waiting is hard. Not scared or anxious anymore. I will be glad when it is over and I am on the "flat" side.
Best of luck on your upcoming surgery.....I know you are going to love your results!
Thank you so much! You look awesome! I hope I am as happy with my results!
Thanks....You already have a beautiful shape, once they remove that "excess", look out! I am very excited and will be following your story!

Woooo Hoooo!!!

24 and 1/2 hours to go! Did anyone freak out thinking that they would do something stupid like eat breakfast the morning of the surgery and have to cancel?? I am making myself crazy worrying about stupid stuff! So excited though! Going to take more pictures tonight just to make sure I get enough angles of the old me. I know, stop obsessing! I may not post again for a few day so, SEE YOU ON THE FLAT SIDE!!
Its almost your time, YAY!!!!!!
Can't wait.
Best of luck for a fantastic result and a speedy recovery, talk to you on the flat side......whooooooot!


They tried to deliver my recliner from Rent A Center today. It was infested with cockroaches! I refused deliver! Now they don't have another, not that I would get another from them! Eeek!

What now???
Good Luck ! You will look great.
Omg that is terrible! ! What about one of those lounger pillows some of girls have used?
Good luck. I have found that I'm quite comfortable in my bed with about 10 pillows five or six behind me three or four under my knees. I also bought a wedge from bed Bath and beyond to keep me calm and quite fine. I borrowed a recliner but actually have not even used it. I also sit in a zero gravity camping chair for watching tv. It's like a cheap recliner.

12 hours PO...I made it!

Finally feeling like myself.

Worst part is over.

Hardest parts for me, in order that they happened...
1) trying 3 times before getting a good IV going. I always had trouble, just forgot.
2) waking up in recovery. I don't remember going to sleep, but I sure remember waking. I was nauseous, but only spit up a little bile. Nurse Molly was very sweet.
3) plug came out of drain bulb somehow in the night. My husband said it is ok, only to worry if it came out of incision. I am still calling this am.

Best parts so far...
1) pain has been very manageable. Haven't need but half the recommended dose.
2) very little if any nausea due to the phenegran (sp?).
3) at 12 hours post op I am able to get up and down thanks to this absolutely awesome reclining lift chair. Hubby gets mad when I don't ring for him. But I plan on getting up and moving around today. Nurse said it is good for bowel movement.

That's all for now. Need to check on my sx buddy nomorefear.
Congrats hon! Glad all went well! Can't wait to see pics
thanks. pain is minimal, but had a drain come out partially. Freaked me out when it stopped sucking. Hubby said they said not to panic. just tapped it down, talked to the doc and will go in Monday to replace.
Congratulations! Looking forward to some piccies!

Pain is minimal.....

pain is minimal, but had a drain come out partially. Freaked me out when it stopped sucking. Sounds like a straw when you are at the bottom of a soda. Hubby said they said not to panic. just tapped it down, talked to the doc and will go in Monday to replace.

Feeling a little weird from the meds

Thought I would share a night before shot! Don't judge lol! Made me and my husband laugh. We did a mock photo shoot. Pretty funny!
Congrats and welcome to the other side :) Looking forward to your updates :)
Well done! I hope you are still managing your pain well? Good to read that it wasn't awful upon waking... I can't wait to check out your pics :) Sending good thoughts your way !
Thank you Snowfly. Pain still not bad. That part is easy enough. Annoyed with the drain that came loose and is not sucking anymore. I cant imagine what I did to move it. M PS will fix it Monday/ I hope this does not cause additional swelling.

2nd day Post Op

My constant companion. I have attached a pic of my kitty. She is my comfort and protector.

i think i will stay away from the valium exept at night now. It does stop the muscle spasms, but they are not too bad today. Still taking Lortab and Phenegran every 6 hours. I think tomorrow I will step down onto extra strength Tylenol. Then I can make a poo. :)

I am excited for Monday since my PC will probably re bandage everything when he replaces the drain tube.
Right now, I cannot tell the difference since I haven't seen it. Swelling and lots of bandages, foam tape and the gc just makes me feel like I have a big ridiculous girdle on. Did anyone else feel this way?
Yes I did feel like I had this huge girdle on but it still feels this way to me as I am swollen still ... Either swelled above my vertical incision or down near my bum!!!:-) keep resting I'm glad that sucking noise isn't there anymore .....

No reveal yet...LOL

I will go in tomorrow to have one of my drains replaced. I am hoping I will get a glimpse then. So nervous! Is the scar low enough? how bad is the swelling? For now I managed to post a pic in my binder.
Buffy how'd your office visit go?  Did you get that glimpse you were hoping for?  Can't wait to see your results.  Rest easy.
I go in about an hour. Thanks for thinking of me. I am really nervous.
Awesome! Great luck. "See" you when you get to the flat side.

Caught a glimpse....feeling better.

Ok, just so you all know if you have not figured it out yet, I am a wimp! They unwrapped me to see what was wrong with the one drain. It was kinked in a couple places, probably from me tugging on this GC. I didn't know I could take it off and on to adjust. Duh! Anyway, I peeked when my husband said it wasn't bad, even though I think he looked a little woosy. LOL. I called him on it and he said "no, it really looks good, just swollen" So I took a quick peek down ( not in the mirror). Not bad. Christy, my nurse, said it looks tiny even with the swelling. She said there is a lot of brusing and showed us how to adjust the GC for comfort and to add a soft washcloth at the top under my breast area where it is hard to get tight. I am a squeamish person and have been known to pass out at blood and trauma. So I need to take this a little at a time. I have trouble looking at a lot of the pics on this site. I could never have been a nurse. What a great person it takes to be a nurse!

Anyhow, they just removed the one drain since it was almost all the way out and said to watch the second very carefully. Send good vibes I can keep it going until next Monday.

So tomorrow when I am feeling brave I will get a couple of pics without the CG. I get it now! Everything wont fall apart when I take it off. LOL!

Sweet healing dreams coming your way my friends!
I'm so sorry you were confused about the cg.  I wish I had known so I could have told you to take that sucker off and check yourself periodically.  Not just your drain, but for infection, abnormal skin coloration (super black), etc...  Welcome to the flat side too!  I can't wait to see your pics.
I know I will be nervous to look as well. The thought of my first shower is scary so I bought a chair . Hope you continue to heal well. I will be on the table tomorrow morning !!!
Good luck to you tomorrow!! You will look fabulous!

What a day Day 5 has been!

I wrote a long blog and then accidently closed the browser and now the meds are kicking in.

Long story short. Over did it today, tried to go out shopping. Not good. Got a few pics. Not too bad, but very swollen and I am not sure if my incision is low enough or if my bb is in the right place. Nurse and hubby say yes. Anyway, looks good from the front, but awful from the side!

I am still happy for now. Just hoping this is normal and the swelling will go down alot soon.

Sweet dreams and happy healing my friends!
Wow, you look great hon
I'm glad you finally got a glimpse.  I'm one of those people that blood and gore doesn't bother.  Good thing too, since every now and then I have to assist my hubby in minor procedures in the clinic.  We had one nurse who would pass out on toenail removals.  She didn't last long. LOL!  Our frankenbodies will eventually turn into runway models, we just have to wait and wait and wait a little longer.
Please take it slow!!! That is early to be out shopping!!! :-) I have had to slow down being almost 3 weeks out!! I'm so tired an just don't feel up to par sometimes. We all care about these ladies an how they are doing so please be kind to yourself.. You do look great!!!!!

A little info I forgot...

I did have a normal poo on the 3rd morning post op. I used Milk of Magnesia and it was no big deal. Just wanted to mention in case anyone reading this is having issues. For posterity, right? LOL (not really loling because that still would hurt.)

So then, by forth day and continuing into today I have had diarrhea. Nothing too serious and I am staying hydrated. I think I just over did it with the MOM and took it on the 4th day and probably didn't need it.

And definitely, DO NOT GO SHOPPING! Even in an electric wheelchair. I think today set me back two days. I have lived and learned!

Take care of yourselves!
You look like you're gona have great results that's some difference already :D xx
Lol, I love how everyone has the poo talk! I swear everywhere I go, poo'n comes in subject! LMAO
Don't be frightened away, you are looking good! Happy healing vibes to you :) .


When does it get better? Days? Weeks? I really didnt think I would swell like this. I am swelling in places I was flat in before. my upper stomach for instance as you can see from my before pic was never big. Now it is so swollen! What is this from? Trauma? Anything I can do to make it better? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Wow! Your Body Looked Amazing, Even Before Surgery, For Having Lost That Much Weight! Congrats! I'm Down 82 Pounds So Far. I'm At 189 Right Now. And Plan On Having The same Surgeries As You... Eventually ;) Anyway, I Just Wanted To Take A Minute To Say Thank You For Sharing Your story. It Gives Me Further Hope! You Look Great! And Sorry For The Weird Capital Letters... I'm Not Sure Why My Phone Is Doing That.
Thank you! I have always been proud of my body. But, whenever I got to the point that the "apron" turned into a deflated skin flap I would start thinking that I should stop loosing so it doesn't get worse. That was "stinkin thinkin". So I decided to go ahead and have that removed. My thighs look better just from the TT so the only other surgery I know for sure I want is the Brachiaplasty. I will try to have that at the end of the year and I should have reached my ideal weight by then. You should start your blog, it is helpful to others. Thanks again for the compliment! Good luck on your journey!
And congrats on your weight loss!

Still very swollen....

Hate to keep harping on this, but wow! I did not expect this swelling. I is a little better today. I posted a couple pics. I am hoping to turn a corner soon. Hate the waiting! But I am still happy with what I see so far! Happy healing my friends!
I was also shocked with all the swelling!!! Crazy how it makes us feel. We see the flatness from the front but boy when you turn to the side it's like wait what happened lol.... Hang in there I'm still swollen.. Morning time I can almost have my binder to the end of the Velcro but by mid day at work I have moved it a few inches so I can breathe .... Looking great an keep resting!!!!!

Not a very good night.... to put it mildly...

Wow! Can you say "Muscle spasms"??? I woke up several times in the night feeling like I had been doing crunches in my sleep! So painful. Maybe I am doing something in my sleep to cause it or maybe I need to lay off the Valium. It has been giving me bad dreams, may be I am moving too much in my sleep. That is what I was given for muscle spasms. Anyone have a suggestion for another type of medicine for this that I should ask my doctor about?
I can't believe how Great you look after only seven days and with all that swelling!! If I look that good I will be so happy :) Congrats on all your hard work paying off, recognizing the 'stinkin thinking' ( I like that!) and on making the decision to move ahead with your life in such a positive manner. I appreciate so much your writing everything out for us to read, it really does help. Cheers :)
Thanks for sharing your story! I was worried about eating food in the morning too and asked myself could I have worked out more before surgery! It's nice to hear you had the same thoughts! Your recovery looks amazing!

Boy it just keeps getting better! (Sarcasm alert)

So, I accidentally knocked a cup over on my nightstand and instinctively reached for it fast and the pain in my stomach was awful, excruciating! Just when I got off of the pain meds, I had to take one plus a Xanax. The pain is gone now. I really hope I didn't hurt anything. Has anyone done something like this? Is it going to be ok?

Not Sure how this is going

I don't know what to think of all this. I know it was major surgery, but really?? I dont understand the swelling. I still have a drain and it is getting good suction, but is not putting out more than 20cc a day and I empty it constantly too keep the strongest suction on. I am sure my PS will remove it Monday. If it is not fluid, what is the swelling from? I still have soreness in my stomach muscles, occasional spasms.

I haven't want to post because I don't want to scare anyone away if I am just being too impatient. Everyone, husband, PS, nurses all say I look great. I don't see it!
First, let me thank you for all you've written for us pre-op TTers.... It is so very helpful to see whats working/not working for you. About the swelling, I just read a review by DiamondDreams. She Swears by drinking 3-4 liters of water a day to help prevent major swelling. I'm sure you're drinking lots of water anyway, but myself I might not have thought to drink That much water. I hope you're feeling better today :)
Yes. Water does help. Preop I drank 12 to 14 oz a day. I am at about 8 to 10 now plus 32 oz od Powerade zero. The electrolytes help. Since I am used to drinking that much I don't stay in the bathroom ALL day. LOL. I am hoping that my posts will help prepare others for the emotional roller coaster as well. I was not. Although I have a lot of physical assistance, not much psychological support. Make sure you have someone available to talk to for at least the first couple of weeks.
I can totally see your hourglass shape taking places! sweet!

Today is a little better.

I just hope the swelling continues to go down. Even if it is just a little at a time.

Emotions still all over the place. I posted a couple pics. Don't know if you will be able to see the difference. The upper part of my CG is a little big now so my nurse suggested I fold up a soft cloth and put it inside the top portion too keep it snug. I ordered a thigh length CG with the suspenders ( Merana I think is the name). It will be in in a few days. Seemed more practical for wearing clothing.

Anyway, that is my update. Thanks for all of the kind words and encouragement! Happy healing my friends!
We had our surgeries the same day. I have enjoyed reading your review. Your experience is much like my own. Oh, the things we put ourselves through to be beautiful. And the money! I sure hope it is worth it. I did everything at once, body lift, thigh lift, monsplasty, arm lift, flankplasty, breast lift, lipo. I did not do the true tummy tuck this time as I had that procedure 6 mos ago. Recovery has not been terrible. But it sucks to have been so great looking aft my TT and now be back to looking like crap!
Hey chick, if you're still having muscle spasms ask your ps for methacarbonol. Its absolutely the best. Our orthopedic surgeon at my hospital uses it religiously.
Thanks for the advice! I see him again today.

Little better still

Went out and sat in the sun today. Felt good! Thanks for the suggestion d37! You're awesome!

We are going out to dinner tonight. I will eat healthy of course. ;) just have to find a way to hide my little friend ( The Drain)

Happy healing thoughts to all my RS friends!

The Drain is gone!!

So I finally turned a corner in my recovery. I have felt pretty good today. Went to the doc, he removed the last drain and the stiches from my bb. FYI, I was feeling so good I drove myself to the appointment, all was fine, then the drain removal. Ugh! That was freaky! I broke out in a cold sweat all over. Good news, it only takes a few seconds and then just a few minutes to forget it. Whew! Glad that is over!

Like I said, felt much better today. Probably over did it and now I am tired and swollen. ( note the pics taken just after my shower )

Everything seems to be healing well. I think it will freak me out for a while to look at myself. Just don't look like myself. I think the scar is higher than I hoped, but it may just be things are in different places now and that I can't stand up straight yet. Especially after my first shower. Wow, I get why some put a chair in the shower. I should have. It really wore me out. The thing is, you feel so good and normal and then you do something simple like shower and it puts you back in your place.

I asked my doc about the scar and he said it may settle a little lower and that it will look different when the swelling goes down. Don't get me wrong, I think he did an awesome job so far and if I need touch ups or revisions I know he will take care of me. But, I don't think the scar can be lowered. I did ask yet because i need to wait till i see it without swelling and standing upright. I think I underestimated the amount of sag in the va jay jay. Hell, I couldn't see it! Lol! Oh yeah, I can lol now and it doesn't hurt so much.

So heal well my friends, goodnight.
Can you let me know who your doc is? I think you look great. I have my surgery in Athens in December and wondering if we have the same ps
You look fabulous. .. you're still early on so try not be too critical of yourself
You are looking great!!!

Scar placement

I believe I was clear with my doc about where I wanted my scar. I even tanned up until the day of surgery to make sure he new where I was expecting my scar to be. He never said "no problem, your bikini will cover it". I plan on taking photos weekly in the same two bikini bottoms to see if it drops at all before my next visit in 3 weeks. If it does not, I will express my concern at that time.

For some good news, against my better judgement and despite warnings, I got on the scale this am. I am down 5 lbs from my pre op weight! Even with the swelling! This gives me something positive to focus on. I have maintained my daily food journal throughout my recovery as I have for the past 3 years. I mostly eat clean. I had a few goodies here and there in the past two weeks. Mainly being at the mercy of other people's food choices, but obviously I needed a few extra calories for healing.

I have decided I will do my best not to obsess on my results and wether or not I am completely satisfied for the next 3 weeks. I am going to focus on work and family and slowly getting back to my daily routine.

A side note: I really don't like my numbness. Another thing I was not prepared for. Feels like my whole tummy has been injected with Novocain. If you don't look how it feels to touch your numb cheek after a dentist visit, you definitely won't like this. Just a little FYI I didn't get pre op.

I have attached two pics of my bikini bottoms. The pink ones are one of the lowest and is what I used to tan in. The red and white bottoms I never wore b/c they made the fat hang over, but they are the highest I have. The scar is visible on both. This is mostly what has been upsetting me. I will take new pics weekly in same bottoms to see if the scar drops at all as the swelling goes down and my tummy relaxes. I will share so if others have this concern they can have answers as well.

Healing thoughts for you all!!!

Forgot to mention

I have silicone strips on and they are puckering this am, makes the scar look bigger than it is. Still healing well. My doc did not recommend the silicone. I asked, he said "whatever makes you feel most comfortable". Gauze, strips doesn't matter. He does have me gently massaging Eucerine lotion along the incision to stimulate blood vessels or something or other. So I am doing both. I don't like messaging the lotion b/c of the numbness thing, but I do it after my shower. It really does look good for less than two weeks. My husband is impressed an he has many scars from multiple surgeries. He has a lot of confidence in my doc and my husband is not easily impressed.
Looking good had a TT four weeks ago today and still having some swelling above incision love the outline of the flat abs though feel better each day
You look great! Way too early to be thinking about the end result! It just keeps changing. Be patient (the hardest part) I'm 12 weeks and still swell up like you read about lol I have no expectations whatsoever in terms of time.. I can only HOPE to see a preview of the final results by Xmas, which would be 5 months. OK I lie, I DO expect by Springtime, I'm not swollen, and my final results are visible :)

Can a seroma go away on its own?

I have some swelling and I am worried because I have seen posts about seromas. By the time my last drain came out on Monday I had barely had 15cc per day for like 5 days. It doesn't seem like it could be a seroma. Has anyone experienced a small area above the incision that the swelling doesn't really change?
Spoke with doc. Said by all means come in if I am concerned, but I decided to take advise and rest and compress for the rest if the day. The swelling doesn't really jiggle like I see people mention. I really think it is just a stubborn area and I am going to give it some more time. I am terrified by needles and would probably have to be restrained to go through what some of you ladies have described. I opt for more time. Doc said please call if swelling increases or does not ease with rest and compression. I will.
Water does seem to help alot try to stay away from carbonation or anything that makes you retain fluid, I'm going on 5weeks since my TT my biggest problem is the CGI have to wear very aggravating around the top right under my breast is very tight, order another one hoping it comes today but can say each day does get better go back to the doctor on Monday 28th for checkup have a few questions to ask Dr Stewart what's normal and what's not will post after answers
Ok great

Just waiting

At this point you just wait. You cant do all the things that you could before, but you do feel stronger and more "normal" everyday.

I still have a small point of swelling just below my bb and too the right. I havent looked at in in 24 hours. I am afraid that it will still be there. It doesnt hurt, but I do feel a muscle tightening in the area. I hope it is not something that will require further surgery. My hope is that it is just swelling. I will go to the doc if it does not go away soon.
Felt pretty energetic yesterday done some cleaning out different rooms and such by the late afternoon was swelling that sucks when you had a good day need to be patient which I'm not but learning since I have had the TT
Hey girl! Compression and rest is a great way to help with a little swelling- most of the time it'll go on its own- then just show up like bad company for no reason, lol! A seroma feel and moves like jello almost. If you tap lightly on jello it has a watery, jiggly feel and movement- that's how seromas do as well. Interesting sight. How are you doing this weekend? I hope you're moving and feeling better every day! You look great!
I have been moving more. Busy Saturday. Went to a wedding. I sat most of the time, so I dont think it was too bad for me. I do feel better, but that one spot worries me. It does not jiggle like jello. Maybe just swelling. I am scared it is muscle not laying flat. Does that sound weird? Is it even possible? I don't think I did anything strenuous during my recovery to cause any stitches to break, but that is my worst fear.

Went without binder all day and back to work!

I went back to work, full schedule today. I wore a type of spanx. No binder. Felt weird all day, but I made it! I took these pictures this evening and am surprised there is very little swelling. My scar is healing fast an fading a lot. I can imagine it will be hard to see in another month or so. I'm still numb but getting used to it. So I still don't know if I like the scar placement, but I will wait until my next appointment to talk to the doc about it. It may lower. It seems to have relaxed some as you may see by comparing the photos.

Happy healing my friends!
Hey there. Just checking in to see how you're doing? Sounds like your probably back to full time life now and I wonder how that's going for you? I hope all is well, and that you aren't too beat at the days end.
I think your tuck came out beautiful.  You look so flat, you must be very happy.  If your not happy with the scar placement your ps can probably lower it later.  Mine was lowered another inch this last time.  I don't think it can get any lower than it is right now.
How ya feeling well!!!!!

Hello my friends!

I'm doing well! Hope you are all doing good. I am back to work full time and full time life as usual. Sorry to take so long to post an update. My job involves travel so I have been gone for a week.

Still not sure the scar is low enough. I don't think I swell at all, which is awesome. I have a pooch under/ around my bb that I think is just left over fat. I have an appointment Tuesday and I will ask then.

With the exception of working out, I am back to pretty much myself. I wear my binder to sleep, not tight. It's more like a security blanket. During the day I wear a Hanes torso slimmer. They are great and only $15. You just have to pull it down and then put your panties on over the bottom of it.

I didn't include pics of my scar, but it is healing great. I will post some next time. I did post pics of me in my size 10 AE jeans. Woohoo! Still plan on getting into an 8. I wasn't even this small in high school!

Until my next post, heal well!!
Looking good! Maybe you can get the scar revised so you can wear skanty panties!
you look fantastic sweetheart glad your healing well i still have a little numbness and its been over 2 months and  also i have hard areas where my incision was but it is just starting to soften up now so all is good i am chuffed with my results and i bet you are with yours good luck with your bb x
You look great ! Do you still feel very numb ? I am almost 1 mo. and still have "hard" spots. I'm not sure if this is muscle inflammation or soft tissue swelling. It is good to hear that you are feeling so well !

4 week post op appointment

Hello Ladies! Hope you are healing well.

I had my 4 week visit today. Doc says everything looks good. He said I still have some residual swelling, but the incision is healing very well. He did tell me that the scar placement was anatomically necessary, but it may drop some as the swelling goes away. He said we can talk revision in January.

The area under my belly button did not worry him. If it does not completely flatten he will do in office lipo or correction. I don't remember what exactly he said would be done. Sorry.

He has released me back to my life sans sit ups and crunches of course. He said to listen to my body. Twinges and soreness are ok and to be expected, but sharp stabbing pains are not, etc. I am off to the gym in the am. Wish me luck!

I have included some pics of my scar I just took.

Heal well friends and good luck to those of you with upcoming surgeries!
Sweetness you are looking like the bomb girl!!!! Glad work is going well an that it's time for exercising again... You are healing nicely! I have questions for my PS at my 2 month check up in 2 weeks .. Not the happiest camper here lol
Hope it gets better soon!
You are looking wonderful! Yay that you're back to a modified gym program after only one month! I like how faded your scar already is. You started with silicone sheets at three weeks? Happy healing :)

Feeling like myself.

Hello friends! Hope you are healing well.

I have pretty much returned to normal. Scar is healing well. I posted a couple of pictures.

I still wear the binder sometimes. Only leave the house with the torso trimmers though. Sleeping without the binder mostly now.

I can sleep on my side and stomach. Not really swelling much. I am running 5 days a week now and feeling strong.

I love my new tummy! The scar is lower than it was in the beginning. I havent done any new pics in the bikinis to share, but the scar is covered now by all of them. Close but covered.

Still a lot of numbness on tummy but it is getting feeling back slowly.

I can think of anything else that you may want to know if you are like me and reading all the reviews before your surgery. :) feel free to message me if you have questions.

Take care and heal well my friends!
You look really great!! I think the scar placement looks good too. Your lucky that it goes down towards the ends. Many have them going so far up that no bikini bottom will cover it. What did you end up using for scar treatment?
I have only used Eucerine skin calming lotion. The doc had me start massaging the lotion along the scar as soon as all the bandages were taken off at about 11 days post op. That is all he has had me do.
I need to add that I do this everyday.

Checking in....

Still doing good. Looking forward to my arm lift on January 30th.

I am posting a pic of my scar so you can see how it is healing thus far.
How are you making out? I hope Alls well?
I'm fabulous! Lovin' my new bod! Got to stop shopping though, LOL. I will update with pics soon. I need to visit your page to see how you are doing.
Can you reveal your surgeon yet? I am looking to have a mommy make-over in April

3 post months TT

Hello realself friends.

Hope you are all healing well. And to those of you that are awaiting upcoming surgeries, good luck!

3 months does not look like much different than 2, but I posted pic anyway. I do feel different mostly because I rarely wear the binder, in fact, u don't think I will wear it again. I like to wear the torso slimmer by Hanes when I go out. I could probably ween off of it, but I kinda like the all over smoothing effect.

Nothing much to report. I am looking forward to my arm surgery at the end of the month.
Hi your looking great. Shame about the position of your scar but looks like you found some that cover. I know what you mean that you lose your butt not complaining tho lol and I wonder if they made the tops of my thighs tighter seems that way good luck with on going recovery
I am over it about the position. There are anatomical reasons for the placement and it is as good as it could have been. No complaints. That bikini on my profile pic is probably smaller than what i would wear in public at 45, LOL!
You look fantastic!

It's all good!

I don't think I told you all that I lost 8 lbs since prior to surgery. Total loss is 119. 4-5 of the was from the surgery itself. I believe my total loss will be 120 after my are lift! My general physician thinks I need to lose about 15 to 20 more lbs , bit my ps says I don't need to lose anymore so I think sonewhere n middle. I will see have 10 more looks.

I had briachiaplasty yesterday if you would like to hear my story follow, my new blog on this site.

Happy healing my fiends!
You look great. Glad to see your scar healed very thin, and in my opinion it's perfect.
You look great! Good luck on your recovery!
Glad to read things are going well!
Have not asked his permission yet.

I am very happy with my results. Dr Lober and his staff are wonderful. I will definitely go back for any additional surgeries. I would absolutely recommend Dr Lober.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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