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Just Don't Use the Package Brushes - Athens, GA

I've been using Latisse on and off for a few years...

I've been using Latisse on and off for a few years now and can say that it makes a huge difference when I do use it. Because your lashes are longer I tend to be able to get away with less eye makeup (because just mascara on the long lashes looks great).

The only suggestion I would have is to use an eyeliner brush instead of the brushes that come with the package. I use a slanted eyeliner brush which allows you to be much more precise with the application, and it also doesn't waste a bunch of the product like the package brushes do.

And if you're one of those with thin eyebrows like me, just know it works there too :)


Thanks for sharing your experience, Gumdrops. So many people hate those brushes! They seem useless. I wonder why Allergan has never changed them?

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