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So here is the story.....I wanted my bra fat, rib...

So here is the story.....I wanted my bra fat, rib cage, lower back, flanks and hips done, then the doctor talks me into getting my stomach done, which was not that bad, but why not, right? The one thing they DO NOT TELL YOU is that by law they will only be taking out 7 pounds (that we never get to see proof of). So think about it, the more areas you do, and have a left and right side, you are dividing that up. So the more areas done, the least amount taken out in each area. They don't tell you this. All they could have said is "Why not split the operations up so that you get better results!" So.....My bra is exactly the same, looks even worse! So embarrassing! My stomach, no fat whatsoever taken out, yet I have this large embarrassing lump, I want my old stomach back! It was fine, that's why I was't going to do it in the first place. The lower back and rib cage could have been so much better, Its ever so slight for the money. The hips, they went down, not as much as I thought, but they are improved, my flanks, needed more, I can see the dent where it pops out, looks funny! So I waited until my 5 month mark so that they would do revisions. Dr. Barnett said I had lost 7 pounds so there was no way she could blame the extra fat that was still there on me. She went on to check out each area and agreed with everything! She says she will make it right and would not want me to be unhappy! (Not true) She says, I would like you to wait until the 8 month mark! Ahhh...Okay...So I come back, even more upset because nothing has changed. And I don't see why she even though it would. They could not wait for me to weight myself I gained 5 pounds, which we all know can be gained in two days, water, salts, (My sons wedding was the Sunday before) etc. Everything fits the same! So the doctor acts like this is my first time in for revisions and says it must be because I gained weight. Are you kidding me? She made me wait! She says that that I have to have the 5 pounds off to get approval for the revisions. Yes, I was there at the 5 month mark, worked my butt off to get that 7 pounds off. It did not just fall off due to the lipo, trust me! They barely took any out and did way too many areas! So I will go back next week and I will let you all know how it turns out. Do they make it right, or do they give my the run around and blame it on me? I see now why they wanted me to wait almost a full year for revisions, most likely they are banking on the weight gain. 5 months....they knew what was up. I had such high hopes and they were deceiving. And think about it everyone....if they only take a small amount of each area, then you have fat cells still there so its all going to come back due to the improper, incomplete job. Do not go to Athenix in Irvine until I report back to you letting you know they did the right thing and do the revisions. Check back April 5th! And sorry, but I am too embarrassed to post pictures because I look like I need lipo all over!

My appointment was moved up

My appointment was moved up to the April 24th, so I will be back to let everyone know what the outcome is. Do they make it right or do they make excuses? Something went wrong that day, maybe the solution did not dislove my fat the way it should have, needed more, or longer to break down. I don't know....Over $ I am taking this very serious.

Update on my April 24th appointment...

I am HAPPY to say that the doctor is making everything right and doing revisions on August 5th. I have too many family obligations to get it done any earlier. So my faith is restored in Athenix and Dr. Barnett. No charge!

Surgery Date

Surgery date is August 5th. I will let everyone know how it goes. I hear revisions are harder to do due to scar tissue. Ugh!


Well, I waited a long time before my next review, giving the time needed so I was not told that it was too soon to judge results. The revision has been a NIGHTMARE! To anyone thinking of going to ATHENIX....DO NOT! I REPEAT....DO NOT GO TO ATHENIX! Now, I need a tummy tuck and my under arm fat cut and sewn and full revision on each and every spot I paid for. Its a nightmare going through this and coming out in worse shape then going in! When I went in for my revisions, I paid for my upper thighs (saddlebags) to be done and she did the mid mid side of thigh and left my saddlebags.....who does this?! And of course the doctor was no longer there at my 8 week check up! 2 weeks ago I saw a nurse who checked me out and was grabbing all the fat spots that were missed AGAIN! And offered me a full revision with an ARM INCISION SURGERY, for $5000! After I have paid a few hundres dollars short of $14000.00 they want me to pay again for their mistakes! And that does not include a tummy tuck because frankly I am scared of having one, still hard to wrap my mind around! I asked for a refund, which is pretty generous on my part when I now need to pay for a tummy tuck, an under arm incision surgery and another full body revision which would make it the 3rd time, not to mention all that one goes through when having these procedures done and this has been going on for almost 2 years this July! ! I asked for my money back and of course they refused! So if anyone is or has had the same problems with Athenix and wants to talk to me....feel free. And I have filed a complaint with my Care Credit....But we all know ATHENIX will NOT DO THE RIGHT THING and stand behind their hired doctor who is no longer with them! I don't know what kind of doctors work here, but I think anyone thinking about having these types of procedures done should go to a private practice. And do not go to Dr. Bernett if you find her in a private practice and do no use ATHENIX because they do not take responsibilty for their botched up work, all they will do is keep charging you to fix their mistakes. $14000.00 and I never had to buy a different size of pants! I have lumps and super unevenness everywhere! Its so embarrassing!! My friends and family don't even know what to say when they see me. They can't give a compliment so they don't even ask me how the surgery went because it does not look like anything was done! When I get enough courage I will post pictures!

On Top of it Athenix Lied to Care Credit

To let everyone know how far ATHENIX will take things....If you read previous posts, then you know.....They offered me a full revision after the second try failed. The full revision is free but of course they charge for the operating room, etc, so its not really free. And they offered to cut the skin under my arm pits that the doctor had no business going into which made it saggy, so this added up to $5000. So I made a complaint to Care Credit and Athenix told Care Credit that my out come was great and that my problems was that I wanted it for free, never admitting they offered a full revision, because then that would be contradictory to say the outcome was great! So they LIED to Care Credit. ....Do you know how hard it is to get a doctor to admit to a revision? If they admit to a revision then its very obvious the outcome is not great. This place will stoop to anything to cover their selves. I am surprised they even gave me a written offer, which is my proof that they offered me a FULL REVISION. I had no idea they would lie so I did not send it to Care Credit but now I will and I am requesting my pictures. I can only imagine the same lies Athenix will be telling to the BBB compliant I filed....Anyone reading not go to ATHENIX! You will be sorry!
Tampa Plastic Surgeon

This doctor mysteriously disappeared at my 8 week check up revision redoing each and every spot I paid for through ATHENIX. This place is a clinic where a sales rep will be the first person you talk to. They do not do the surgery yet tell you that you have the best skin for each and every area you point out. The pictures are the same pictures used from City to City, State to State. No doctor at Athenix will or can take credit for a picture! They can't make you look anything like those pictures! If an Athenix doctor could not do their job the first time or the second time, it's pretty scary to think about a 3rd time. The revision I had made me look worse! I am pretty sure these are doctors practicing on patients before developing a skill. Mine had no skill whatsoever! I had a number amount of areas done, and none that had that much fat, and the doctor could not accomplish it. What she did manage to do is move fat around with the canula so that I have fat lumps and now need a tummy tuck and underarm skin removal. A doctor should know better. I had a doctor since say that he never does lower stomach lipo on a woman who has bared childbirth, no matter how decent the stomach looks, its been stretched before! Stay away from this place people!!! Go to a REAL doctor who had his or her own practice with their own before and after pictures! Its not the wand but the person using it. There really is a technique to this and Athenix is letting doctors practice. They don't care, you signed the paper work covering them. They know exactly what they are doing!

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