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I have always used at home chemical peels. I'm...

I have always used at home chemical peels. I'm currently using TCA 10%. I'm very satisfied with the results. I have minor sun damage and mild acne. I apply the peel every week 1/2 to 2 weeks, depending how long my face takes to completely heel. I'm also using a low percentage of Salicylic Acid. There is minimal discomfort and little peeling. I also make sure I use a lot of sunscreen and I use Bio Oil at night. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS start with a low peel (8%-10%). If you think using a higher percentage will give you fast results, it won't.

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Im 37 years old and have been useing a 50% TCA peel for spot treating for about two weeks and WOW what a difference.I had some moderate acne scarring and pitting and after useing only one time I am seeing super results.I was worried that I would have these big dark scabs for weeks and I was surprised that the spots only turned light pink,nothing I could handle.I put kids sunblock with uva and uvb protection on after showering and after that absorbs I put triple antibiotic cream on.And that keeps the treated spots moist all day.I stay out of direct sunlight as much as possible.keep the spots moist and you wont get big red scabs and the spots will heal faster.This TCA treatment really works.Its great stuff and Im so glad I started using it.
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How old are you? I'm wondering if someone older may need something a little stronger. Thanks!
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