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I bought an at-home machine online and it is...

I bought an at-home machine online and it is amazing. Has really helped my moderate roseacea and makes my skin so soft. I don't have alot of lines at 40, but what I really notice is the texture- so much better.

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Which machine did you buy? Are you still having the same results?
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yes still great results. My unit was purchased from a website- Highly recommended.
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What is the name of the machine please?
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HI 51559,

I imagine you probably save yourself a lot of money having the machine at home. A lot of community members are scared of doing procedures like this at home. However the ones that do mention how important following directions is. We'd love to see pictures if you are comfortable sharing. Please keep us updated.

Thanks so much for the review and enjoy your week!


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wich machine did you buy, please give the name and wich company you purchase
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