Asymmetrical Healing

I had upper lid blepharoplasty due to the growth...

i had upper lid blepharoplasty due to the growth of xyanthelasmas since my late 20's, recovery seems slow but i am happier with my appearance.

I had bilateral upper lid blepharoplasy about 10 days ago and i am wondering if the slight asymmetry will resolve. My right side has been more swollen since post op day 1, the swelling has significantly decreased but i notice the right side is still a little droopy, is this an indication of what my final result will be?

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Thanks for these answers. I am only 6 days out from lower bleph only. My left eye looks great already but my right eye is pooled with blood (whites of my eye) and it is super swollen and bruised. Looks totally different then my left eye. I'm I freaking out for no reason? Is it too early to tell if I am a freak now? :)
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do not worry about that! My right eye was much more bruised then the right one. It has been over a month and there is still numbness on BOTH eyelids buy it looks better each day. You need about 4-6 MONTHS to see final results. Don't over analyze your surgery. Stop starring at yourself in the mirror every 30 min. I know how you feel , I've been there. Relax you will be fine.
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I had upper and lowers done 03/04/09, and it's rather scary in the beginning. I had a sleepy look to my eyes that was not there before, but all is fine now. Still slight numbness in both uppers, but not bad at all. Hang in there, it'll get better.
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I had eye ptosis surgery and I hope I see better results in 4-6 months. I wish there were more stories on here about others experiences of their recovery. Sometimes it is overwhelming not knowing how the end result will turnout.
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