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Hello ; I had Dysport exactly 6 days ago. I had...

Hello ; I had Dysport exactly 6 days ago. I had headaches from the very first night ,the pain was in wierd areas of my head in front and back.The next day I felt as if I were coming down with a sinus cold.I felt tired and had abnormal amounts of pressure pain in my forehead and nose..I had muscle stifness in my neck and shoulders.Day 3 I wake up decide to take a cold and sinus pill to relieve the pressure.Started feeling dizzy ,went to the bathroom ,I passed out on the tiolette .I fell in the corner of wall and tile hit my head really hard.I had someone take me to the emergency room that day.They did every test, Bloodwork,ekg and cat scan. and chest and head x ray. They could not come up with any explanation for my symptoms,Nor did the attending physicain believe that my symptoms were caused from the Dysport.I called the D.R. Who did the injections only for him to tell me none of his other patients had reported anything more than headaches from Dysport. Day 5 I have a swollen sore throat seems to help.I start sweating all night and have a low fever of 100.5 all night , Day 6 I am sore and in pain from hitting my head I stilll feel really tired,but its hard to sleep from the pain.I havet to force myself to eat it makes me feel nasuas . I go to store to get make up to cover my extremely black eye, I got it from fainting the 3 rd day.I start feeling dizzy in the store and sweating, I hurry to make it home. As soon as i get home my throat is sore again! If I am still sick in morning i plan to see my family doctor and go from there,I hope she will believe Im sick from Dysport .I had no symptoms before that . Drinking protien shakes and taking collidial silver has seemed to make me feel a little better..

Day 11 after Dysport. I went to my family doctor 3 days ago .She thinks I may have had a cold or virus brewing in my body before the injections.She thinks getting the Dysport must have weakend my immunity..But I got a steriod shot and have been felling a little better. I still have nasal blockage and headaches.It hurts when I make facail expressions.I still feel dizzy and uneasy mostly when I eat. I start antibiotics tomorrow .I hope my doc ,is right I hope these cold and flu like symptoms go away. By the way I have a mild concussion from hitting my head. And pain where I fell. I will keep everyone posted,April
Hi, I'm sorry to hear about the recation that you got from Dysport ... I am" Dawn Beautiful" and I have been posting the horrible recation that I got from having a well known plastic surgeon here in Boca Raton, Florida, Dr. Arthur Handle, who un be knowing to me inject Dysport in to my face on Friday, January 18/ 2013, I thought he was using Botox since this was my first time ever to use either one .... Three days after he injected me, MY BOTH EYES CLOSED, and the skin is still completely hanging over my pupil and it is now 47 days since I had the Dysport injected .. I went back immediately to show the Doctor what happened and he had a very cavalier attitude, and said, it will all go back to normal in three weeks and then hurried out of the room to the next sucker ... I have not been back to the Doctor since, I am, and so are you, and everyone else, is on their own, to face alone, the consequences once you sign those malpractice papers that you sign before they inject you, as You Have No Recourse, You Are On Your Own !! ... I look like I have had a stroke, and I am very sad, and I can only pray, that I will return back to normal eventually, it is now one month and 16 days and I'm no better ... I say to everyone, there are some who are lucky and get good results - But Most are left with horrible after effects and they Never Return Back To Being Normal Again ... Please Don't Do It !! It Is Not Worth Taking The Chance, You May Not Be One Of The Lucky One !!!!!! I'm Sorry That I Did, And I Would Never Do It Again !!

I'm so sorry to hear how poorly you have been feeling. Please keep us posted on how you are doing and what your doctor says if you opt to go for a visit.

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Had gotten juvaderm there before , Without any problems

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