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The procedure was absolutely painless! I...

The procedure was absolutely painless! I didn't even know he was operating on me until I smelt the burning smell by the laser making the incision and he told me to stop moving cuz he had already began. The healing was quite fast, for me I took Arnica Montana, a homeopathic medicine that reduces swelling and brushing suggested by the surgeon (I now know it really works cuz I just had my breasts done and finished my Arnica Montana and there is brusing around my chest now, going to pick up more today). The healing probably took 5 days for the swelling to go down and I was able to go out with make up on.

Right after the anestia wears off was the most painful so make sure you have your pain meds with you right after surgery. The next day felt my eyes and nose bridge area felt bruised and swollen but not really painful, after that it was smooth sailing. For a woman it is easy because she could conceal with make-up after a week, for a man after a week people can probably still tell, unless he does the less invasive method, which I didn't do because it may not be permanent and the results were less dramatic.

I did this in March 2011 and it is now Dec. 2011 and everything has healed smoothly, but keep in mind it takes a full year to see results. I would definitely do it again, it was painless and now I get ready so much more quickly in the morning and feel less insecure without makeup on. Hope this helps, cheers!!

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Keep in mind wait times with Dr. Hong are long because he's got a lot of people who want him to do their surgeries. He is the best when it comes to Asian eyelid surgery in Toronto based on my research.

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When you get to the office it is about an hour long wait. But I don't know about booking an appointment, here his number, you can ask one of his secretaries (416)222-6986 ot
R his Markham office (905)477-3922
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I was wondering how long is the waiting time to make an appointment with Dr. Hong?
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My upper eyelids are drooping and considering surgery. My concern is the healing process and the possible complications. How long did it take for you to have the swelling unnoticeable? Did you experience any discomfort after the healing? Thank you.
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Healing for me was very quick and smooth. The swelling significantly went down after 1 week and I went out in public normally after that. After 2 weeks I was putting on eye makeup again and looked and felt completely normal, swelling all went down by then. For me the surgery was painless and healing didn't really hurt except right after surgery when the painkillers wore off (so make sure u carry your Tylenol 3 with u after surgery cuz it was a very painful car ride home) and I think it hurt a little the next day when I woke up, but as long as u take your pain meds as soon a you start to feel it, you will be good, it won't hurt. The swelling was all over my eyes and travelled to the top bridge of my nose, if you need to go out in public within the first 3 days after surgery, put on sunglasses and no one can tell. Hope this helps.
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Thanks so much for sharing your story. Glad to hear you found the arnica helpful. I'm using it right now on my under eyes (not post-surgery, just bruised) so *fingers crossed*.

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