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Hi, I just had BA 6weeks ago. I'm petite, weigh...

Hi, I just had BA 6weeks ago. I'm petite, weigh 43kg at 1.6m. Used to be a cup A, now full B. Had 200cc silicon, mentor, moderate profile, textured, under. My left breast seems to have settled nicely but my right breast is still riding high. I'm worried if I'm having bottom out or whether the pocket created is too high. Worried.. Doctors, kindly advise. Thank you for your time..

Hello Suzy, Many women have the same concern and most often, it is just a matter of time before the breast drops. Here is a link from our RealSelf Doctor Q&A that might provide you with some additional information.

One Breast Implant Taking Longer to Drop

Did you experience any other challenges during your recovery? You look great...congratulations!

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