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Dear experts , This was my 4th attempt to get...

Dear experts ,
This was my 4th attempt to get some sort of symmetry on the shape of my nostrils the post op photos are a week from the operation and the next day after the splint and tape were removed , I underwent this op only for getting some acceptable symmetry of the nostrils i.e to get the right to be of similer to the left however as it can be clearly seen that inspite of having a cartilage put in my right nostril the notching is very much there and as bad as before.

The surgeon I used was one that was highly praised for revision from one the posters from here and who had a great outcome. The good doctor however has thinned the top and refined the tip , but my main reason does not seemed have been resolved, I have been told as the tip is yet swollen things will get better but having been through this in the past I know the nostrils shape will remain as deformed as they are now , what I need is to know what needs to be done to only address the asymmetrical nostril shape and which side should be shaped to match the other , my preference was the right to match the left as this narrow the nose And will this again be a major or minor procedure
Hoping for some good advise and direction
Thanks to all

with 4 surgeries, I think it will be very difficult to reshape all the scar tissue that must have built up in your nose. i think you might want to look into an alar base reduction to reshape your nostrils and make your nose a bit more narrow, but also you might want to look into non-surgical rhinoplasty and the use of fillers to smooth out asymmetry. also, i would not recommend an asian rhinoplasty surgeon for your next surgery, as most of them focus the majority of their practice on augmenting noses and using implants to elevate the bridges of typically small or flat asian noses. i would recommend a facial surgeon specialized in reconstructive rhinoplasty to rebuilt an even base for your nose.

I think it could still be swollen and you need to be patient. Also, with each rhinoplasty the procedure gets more difficult and intricate. In all honesty, I think your nostrils look quite a bit more symmetrical than they used to. You might not be able to reach perfect symmetry.

Please keep us posted on which course of action you take!

If you'd like to get feedback from doctors, please post in the revision rhinoplasty Q&A community. Good luck!

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